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  1. Hi, i just moved to VPS and hosting php with my own server. Using Simpilot 5.5.2 version and my php version is 5.5. When i try to visit my admin panel, they are loading very very slow. No idea why. Loading the crew portal works fine as normal. Any one knows why admin panel loads long ? As a result, when i edit any jquery, it will also take long time to reflect on my admin side.
  2. Hello folks, i'm having a hard time trying to install phpvms 5 into my new vps. HAving easyapache4, using php7.2 for the ProAvia phpvm2 Either way when i try to install version 5.5.2, with php v5.4 till 5.6, when i press database connection setup, nothing came out. No green notification to show if the database is okay. I got an error instead. Database has been created, user has set to allow. I still can't get it working and it is very frustrating. Didn't had this issue before so i'm assuming it might be my VPS settings or what not. Hope to get your replies and solutions. Thank you
  3. Will keep you guys updated. Im developing a module that is related with this group flight.
  4. I believe it will affect your schedules those with the airlines.
  5. In that case you can do a check for text that will match "Gate" then followed by the text after that.Example "Gate D1"
  6. Do you have a column name "gate" in your database table?
  7. Not really. You can actually dont use navdata.
  8. Once you download APvaacars, put the APVacars folder in modules. Then just login as usual
  9. The insert sql stuff is done using code and push information into database. If you have difficulties doing you can either learn or ask someone to develop for you. The thing is i dont think this system is one or 2 lines of code 😜
  10. Multiplier is another database i suppose. You need to code the multiplier along with the pireps of the pilots. To assign if the schedule has a multiplier is another system. If you meant pilots adding the number of miles manually, just use insert sql or update. However, if you really want all those multiplier, and all it is better to build another system or module to handle the multiplier and miles
  11. Hi lukas! Can explain briefly what you mean by custom miles? Is it based on searching ? Meaning pilots will put their miles input and use for searching? 2nd, if you want to get a total miles of a pirep field you need to do maths. Never disturb the current database.
  12. Hi @Karamellwuerfel One of the ways you can access your external class is by putting this codes that have made for you in your codon.config Make a new define to your folder elephant.io 1. define('ELEPHANTIO_PATH', dirname(__FILE__).'\core\common\elephant.io'); 2. require ELEPHANTIO_PATH.DS.'client.php'; Do the same for version2x.php That should be it. Do let me know if it works for you.
  13. So the code i gave is it correct or its not what you wanted?
  14. Understood what you are trying to do. Basically, getlatreports with 5 counts will return 5 row. Hence, you need to foreach loop. So here is the code i have provided for you. Once you get the idea of it, you can integrate it with your table or display it hwoever you like. Code <?php //echo json_encode(PIREPData::getLastReports($pilot->pilotid, 1, PIREP_ACCEPTED)); // This is to get the parameters of the results like pirepid, flighttime etc. Mark out to not use it. $getpireps = PIREPData::getLastReports($pilot->pilotid, 5, PIREP_ACCEPTED); // $getpireps will contain the counted pireps foreach($getpireps as $pirep) { echo $pirep->pirepid; // Display results based on attribute. echo $pirep->flighttime; echo $pirep->depicao; // and it goes on } ?> LEt me know if this works for you.
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