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Live Map Problems after PHP Update

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yesterday I've updated to PHP5.6, since this update we have problems with our live map. Sometimes it's working, sometimes not (without changing something).

It seems to be a javascript issue, the error is:



I am usign phpvms classic, but also tried another acarsmap.js file (5.5), but this is also not working.

Google API has been updated.

When switching back to 5.4 the map is back again

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Question, what version of PHPVMS install did you use first off...???

Send me a message in here, if you don't mind, or you can contact me on our Web Site, http://seairtransport.net/crewcenter

There are a ton of contact areas there. Thanks. let me know maybe I can help you out with that, I think I know what the issue is already.


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