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  1. After switchting our page to https, the script had stopped working. What do we need to fix to get it working back again?
  2. It's phpvms classic (not the 5.5 version)
  3. Hi, yesterday I've updated to PHP5.6, since this update we have problems with our live map. Sometimes it's working, sometimes not (without changing something). It seems to be a javascript issue, the error is: I am usign phpvms classic, but also tried another acarsmap.js file (5.5), but this is also not working. Google API has been updated. When switching back to 5.4 the map is back again
  4. @mischka I've tried your code, but there is no graph, it's empty and there is only a "loading image"
  5. at the finances and in the pilot public profile (aircraft usage) are some more of these old
  6. We have expenses to simulate a real airline, but since 2 month every expense is doubled without changing something. The doubled expandes came in the database at the beginning of the monnth. In the phpvms_expenselog the expanses are twice, so that me make a big loss and the end of the month. Is there an option to fix that?
  7. Hi, sometimes a pirep is send up twice to the page, it's exaclty the same pirep at the same time. How can we solve this problem? We use kacars custom. thx
  8. just use the avg sql statement: https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_func_avg.asp
  9. I think that my host stopped the cron after memory issues, the recalulate hours script at the end of the maintenance.php was enough I deactivated this script and the cronjob ist working again.
  10. I have the same memory problems, so I disabeld the StatsData::UpdateTotalHours(); and the pirpep approval worked again! But Now I get this memory error when running the maintenance.php script or the reset hours function in the Admin menu. Is this a big problem? Or is there a way to reduce memory usage of the StatsData::UpdateTotalHours(); function? We have 13774 Pireps and a Memory Size of 128 MB.
  11. Hi, the maintenance script is planed as a cronjob every day at 01:00 am and it worked for 2 years now. But I noticed, that the script stopped marking pilots as retired. Only when I manually start the script by entering the url in the navbar the pilots are inactive. Anybody can help?
  12. 134217728 is the max memory available from my host
  13. Hello, after marking an inactive pilot to active and saving the profile I get the following Message at the top of the Admin Menu. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8339 bytes) in/var/www/web1112/html/va/core/classes/ezdb/ezdb_mysql.class.php on line 282 I have also a cronjob which is cleaning the pireps table every month and no problems with memory issues until now. The DB is only 56 MB in size.
  14. But you get only a message, if the pitch angle was 2deg. If you want to have it for other values, you can copy it and change the angle of pitch here
  15. this is the wrong variable: data[i].code == "A330" It has to be data[i].aircraftname == "A330-300" or data[i].aircraftname == "B737-800"
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