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Live Map - v7 - Console Error

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Not really sure what I did when creating a NEW theme for phpVMS v7, but some how I screwed up either a reference to a javascript file or something. Works fine in the default theme, but when I switch over to mine I get this console error, and I must say I don't really know how to read them :) I may just have to start over or walk through each step I took when I started working on this month's ago.

Any ideas at all?




Any help appreciated! I did look through the default theme and did not even see a reference to this so it may be something I have in the theme that does not even exist in the default one!

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On 10/25/2018 at 9:35 AM, Nabeel said:

Looks like you might be missing one of the scripts

Is it the script's at the bottom of the Default theme, cause when I add them it appears to stop my theme from working at all? I must say I am very confused about this!

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