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Which ACARS are working with v7?

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We are currently evaluating v7 in preparation to relaunch a refreshed VA. During testing we'd like to input some flights via Acars.

Could someone advise which clients are working with V7, both for XPlane and P3D/FSX?

Thanks 😊

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Look in the v7 Support area under Addon's and Downloads. There is an ACAR's by a member here and I think the developer of phpVMS v7 is working on one too, and won't be available for awhile. The other I think is already in the the testing phase. Of course with everthing still in development it could be awhile, but I think it is a good idea to test it as according to the developer the basics should not change much, I think, only he knows for sure :) But I think I am right about the basic part of it. I hope.

Best of luck!

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