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kAcars doesn't work after host migration (urgent)


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I've moved my website www.atlasvirtualairlines.com to a new host because haphost (formerly host1plus) was just a nightmare to deal with.

Now, everything seems to be working, including xacars. but not kacars! I get a switch=verify error when I try to log in.

I made sure I have no / at the end of my url and that the version number of the client and the module is the same at (by the way does the latest kacars version work with module

I also made sure the permissions on the file is correct and yes, the new host is a regular paid one!

Unfortunately, I don't get any php errors in my log! 

I did some extensive searching on the forums but can't find any resolution. How to troubleshoot this? This is pretty grave because right now nobody can log on with kacars to my site. 

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What is the site URL where phpVMS is installed?

Is the module (kACARS_Free.php) in "core/modules/kACARS_Free"? 

Is you site using http or https?

kACARS_Free client versions, and all use kACARS_Free module version


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The latest version of the client is 

Do you have .NET 4.0 installed on your computer? Version says it's for Prepar3D v4, requires FSUIPC v5 and will connect to https using TLS 1.2.

Try uninstalling and deleting all files in the install directory. Then install version and see if that works. If so, uninstall, delete all files in the install directory. Then install and test it.

For the module on your site - did you use the one included with phpVMS or did you install from the fs-products site? Also, check directory permissons on your site.

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Yes I've installed .net because without it, the client doesn't work :) 

However, I get the issue on my FSX machine as well, and nothing has changed there. This is not a client side issue but something to do serverside, as this is what changed. 

I've migrated the module along with everything else without changing it. so even though I'm pretty sure it's not the code itself, I downloaded once again the module from the fs-products website and installed it, but to no avail. 

What should the permissions be? I've fiddled around with them , giving rather more than less, but to no avail. 

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I'm using kACARSII - but I still have the kACARS_Free module installed.

kACARS_Free directory permissions - 755

kACARS_Free.php file permissions - 644

I compared my module to the one at FS-Products and their content is exactly the same. Are you using client on your FSX machine?

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