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CrazyCreative Skin - JetSet Basic


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I purchased the Crazy Creatives Skin called JetSet Basic.

I have it installed and have my home page setup for the most part.

Was wondering if anyone has used this skin.

I cannot figure out how to add more menu names to the navigation bar as well as create additional pages.

Can this be done on this skin or do you have to buy there modules?

Been waiting to become a verified member for their forum to ask these questions, but haven't heard anything back.

Any help and/or ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Perry Fincher

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According to their website images for that skin, it lookslike you can do it thru the admin panel.


Or look in that skin folder for app_top.php or possibly core_navigation.php to directlyedit the menu. Of course,they may have named the files differently too.

The forum over there is a mess. Neither the owner nor his moderator spend much time there. 

EDIT - ok, the pics there seem to indicate you can change position of the nav bar, not necessarily add items to it. You may have to look in each file of the skinto see where the menu is called. Use something like Notepad++ and search each file for one of your present menu items. Once you find that one item in a file, you should be able to see how each item is coded in and add what you want.

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Hello perryfincher, 

I Own this skin and have used it for a long period of time back in 2015. The Menu system has its own call, and looks for the file called "navigation.php" file in the lib/skins/crazyskin01/ . This sadly is limited as far as a fold out sub-menu goes, however the dropdown menu system is nice, and does work nicely. If you open the navigation.php file, you will see the menu items etc. This is a hit or miss on the screen size, etc., and how much room you have. Trial and error on this one file until you get it right. The layout.php file calls this script through the *.sql file and the call script. Colors of course can be changed and so can the <li> and <ul> script if your running HTML5 only. This was a nice skin when it first came out, things have changed drastically since then, hope this helps you.


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