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Good skins that are still supported?


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A bit new to the PHPVMS realm, unfortunately I inherited the task to maintain and overhaul our systems after our CIO left and I haven’t found a replacement yet.

We are currently using iCrew lite, which I personally like. But it doesn’t seem like many updates and support are happening for it.

are there any good skins worth considering with good support and updates?

We use the bid system in iCrew, so any skin we consider needs to have something like it.

A few things I don’t like about iCrew:

the search route function is a drop down menu of all my airports rather than a field I can type the ICAO on, this would save a lot of time.


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Hello Haru,

As I may be so free to give you my personal opinion about this subject.

Create your own template.

There is a good tutorial available on the forum and it is really not hard to do.


If you dont want to do this I recommend ELA2018 Admin template also available on the forum.

If you need help just give me a pm

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