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Discord or Teamspeak


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Hey guys,


So this is a question for you all/virtual airlines:

Discord vs Teamspeak, which one do you prefer using for your virtual airlines, and if you're a member of a VA which does the VA use?


Secondly, do you know the pros and cons of each? which do you prefer?


And finally, if I was to use teamspeak, how many slots is advised for a small start-up virtual airline?


I look forward to hearing from you all.



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We use both. We have had a TeamSpeak server running for several years. It is mostly used during online events or if I member is having computer or sim issues and we need to discuss using voice. Recently, we set up a Discord server - this has allowed quicker "chat" type messages, PM's and the occasional voice session. I still think we will use TeamSpeak for any online events, as we also usually use JoinFS for multiplayer.

I believe your are limited to 32 user slots if you run a TS3 server locally - which is how we run ours.

Running locally is free - but someone has to run the server so others can connect. We usually have ours running on my old laptop (along with JoinFS) and use a free DNS service so our named IP address doesn't change. No-IP.com is our free DNS provider - and they also offer a free DNS client to parse our IP address and 'marry' it to our named IP address. There are probably other providers as well.

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All according to what you want to do. For me, each has its place.

Discord is good for text chat, PM and the occasional voice session. Members can log on from computer or mobile device. No costs involved.

Teamspeak is voice only and if you run it locally, you or the member running the server have full control. Computer access only unless you pay for the mobile app.

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Also, if your fortunate to have another cpu, that can run 24/7, you can host up to 512 slots, which I do, plus I use a 15 slot for a backup. The Host one is Unlimited if you know how to setup a Computer for a Server with it, its tricky to say the least. But once setup , it pretty much runs itself. Discord I have also, but its way to resource hungry for anything less then a Quad Core if your flying at the same time. As mentioned above, @ProAvia  , Both have disadvantages and advantages. Me, I like the Security of T.S. Discord is to busy for me, but most my friends use it now as it is Free.

Hope this helps you. Jim

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