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Schedule_searchform and schedule_list on same Page

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hey Guy's following situation:


On Server A, if i call the schedule search, only the schedule_searchform.php gets loaded (thats what i want)

On Server B, the searchform and the resultpage with ALL schedules gets loaded...

  • i checked the  files i have the same code in
  • core/commen/SchedulesData.class.php
  • core//modules//schedules/schedules.php
  • core/templates/schedule_searchform.php

here a screenshot: http://prntscr.com/qqge2m

i have made no search yet, but its loading ver ylong until i can do a schedulesearch

anyone have a clue whats happening here?


Thnak you in advance!

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In your picture, that is the default skin and default schedule search. We have no idea of "Server A" as you didn't post a picture from there.

  1. phpVMS version?
  2. PHP version?
  3. Are you using the same default 'crystal' skin on both?
  4. What addon modules have you installed? Are they the same on both?

In either case, all schedules load when you select the schedule search function. That's just the way the default code is.

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Hey thanks for the Reply!


here is a picture of "Server A" with loaded icrew skin (in default its basicly the same view) http://prntscr.com/qqxdgy

1. PHPVMS both 5.5.2. 7.2

2. PHP Version : Maybe here is the Reason. Server A using currently 7.4 and Server B is using

3. I was using default skin crystal on both servers yesterday ( Image in this post is from today)

4. They have both exacly the same package. the link thats called is: mydomain.de/index.php/schedules


When the default code is loading all schedules, you now by any chance a schedule search module that doesn't do that?

Thanks again for your help!


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iCrew skin and crystal skin will possibly display schedule search very differently.

phpVMS has not been test with PHP versions above 7.2 (only with 7.0, 7.1, 7.2). I tried it briefly with 7.3, but it showed additional errors and I didn't persue that further as I was using PHP 7.2. I have no idea what issues/errors may occur with PHP 7.4.

Again, my understanding is that it will still load all schedules when selecting schedule search whether or not the particular skin page displays them all or not. Loading and displaying are to different things.

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