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RedHat-transaprent Skin Release


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Good Evening All,


I am proud to announce within the next few weeks the release of the RedHat Skin , and you are free to join our discord for further infos, feedback and support 





























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Hey guys, 

 I am sorry to tell you this but the skin, although is fantastic. The originals files are from a payware theme from Sean themes.





Also as well as this if you now own a copy you are holding illegally obtained files. As the user agreement does not permit use from out side the single user that owns the original files. 

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Yep , I KNEW IT, I was right @ProAvia

I knew I saw that theme somewhere, that "Is" a payware Web Site Template !!! Period !!! I have known of this vendor from years past, nothing is "Free" on his site ! The license also clearly states that you agree Not to offer, sell, or in anyway shape or form other then for your own use, to absolutely NO ONE ! I also have skyped in full the full HTML script and crawled inside of it, you are totally out of your realm by taking apart any paid template, and uploading it to your server and offering it as Freeware , Unless you have made arrangements for a Commercial License from the original Vendor of course. thanks for that info @Highskies

There is a hek of lot more laws in violation with this here, and I won't even get into copyright infringements. 

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