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Retired errors


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Where is the code located that updates a pilots status when "retired"  Two issues.


1. When a pilot is inactive it is getting set as "on Leave" 3 in the database.  Should be set as "inactive" 1 in the database.

2.  Where are the definitions  located for retired status currently 

  • 0 = Active
  • 1 = Inactive
  • 2 = Locked
  • 3 = On Leave


Thanks hope every is staying healthy

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1 - If you've got auto-retire set to true in your local.config.php then it routes (either from cron or every 24hours) to this function:



then ultimately to this function:



2 - Check your local.config.php file first for PILOT_STATUS_TYPES, otherwise they're defined here: https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x/blob/master/core/app.config.php#L466


Can you check your console and inspect the <select name="retired"> when you go to edit a pilot (the dropdown for their status) and check that the value of each <option> matches up with what it should be.

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