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VA is slow and casing issues


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Our VA was online for some good years but past 2 weeks I started suffering a lot of problems and slow.

System is running with PHP7.2 and MySQL 5.5, we have IPS integrated too .

phpVMS Version 5.5.2


what issue am suffering now is sometimes database connection will not establish for while even I got several time max connection reach while checking my tables in phpmyadmin. am not sure really what is casing problem. We have cron for IPS every minute and will download data from IVAO every 3 minutes but I can see that from time to time it will skip the 3 min and don't update up to 20 minutes sometimes. while this happening everything seems stuck and slow. so current flight keep getting duplicated and not accurate.


what I should look for first? 



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around 2 months ago I upgraded from 7.2 to 7.3 and then things were ok. Nothing after that has been changed and host nothing informed me about any changes. only from 9 days ago issues started. I returned PHP to 7.2 but still same. our host is forcing me to upgrade to 7.3 by end of this year. I was thinking to go for vmsPHP 7 but it's still Beta and smartACARS not ready


Now I noticed that when I run IPS script through SSH (sure under PHP5), it will take hell of time. The cron of this sometimes update smoothly every 3 mint and sometimes stuck for 20. my PIREPs ID reached almost 60K, will that be reason of slow?

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Is error reporting turned on?

Any errors showing in error_log or in the console?

Did you edit any files to get phpVMS 5.5.2 to work correctly in PHP 7.2 or 7.3?


There will be errors in phpVMS 5.5.2 when using PHP 7.2 or 7.3 (possibly 7.0 and 7.1 too). Many will reference the count parameter.


I have no idea of IPS will work correctly with PHP 7.2 or 7.3 as I don't use it.


60k PIREPS may slow some things down a little, but only by a few seconds.


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so I turned on error reporting and this what error_log shows:

[02-Oct-2020 11:03:36 UTC] PHP Deprecated:  Non-static method SimpleNews::NewsList() should not be called statically in /homepages/24/d391698823/htdocs/Virtual/Saudia/lib/skins/saudia/frontpage_main.php on line 86

and this its code:

<?php SimpleNews::NewsList(3); ?>


I believe this is nothing as only happen when someone open main page.



I also turned on DEBUG_MODE in local.config.php and got following:

errors.txt file:

Update: No errors, I fixed it


now there was another file log.txt, it was showing some error when I use smartCARS:

Time: 10.01.20 19:15:00
Time: 10.01.20 19:15:00
Backtrace: DB::write_debug > DB::query > ACARSData::updateFlightData > smartCARS::positionreport
Query: INSERT INTO phpvms_acarsdata (`0`,`1`,`2`,`3`,`4`,`5`,`6`,`7`,`8`,`9`,`10`,`11`,`12`,`13`,`14`,`15`,`16`,`17`,`18`,`19`,`20`,`21`,`22`,`23`,`24`,`25`,`26`,`27`,`28`,`29`,`30`,`31`,`32`,`33`,`34`,`35`,`36`,`37`,`38`,`39`,`40`,`41`,`42`,`43`,`44`,`45`,`46`,`47`,`48`,`pilotid`,`pilotname`,`heading`,`lastupdate`) VALUES ('ZX48','449045','449045','PILOT','','54.3762','-130.528','1500','80','1/C172/L-SDFGY/S','N0180','CZST','VFR','CYPR','SHARD3','B','4','1200','0','50','0','V','1830','1830','0','50','5','0','CYZP','DOF/201001 / PFPX / XP11 / ENG EASY / RMK/WORLDTOUR','55N130W DCT 54N130W DCT PR','','','','','','','20201001181213','Altitude/win','1.10.0b','2','4','CZMT','G','1','152','0','16','','6','Jehad Hamdan','0',NOW())
Error: (1054) - Unknown column '0' in 'field list'

it seems somthing not right with table am trying to figure it

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I upgraded IPS to work with PHP 7.2, tested and works ok (no error)

I need to test when it's working with cron


I checked all error nothing (other than above), small changes I made based on this update:




UPDATE: so it seems IPS code in getting data from IVAO is really bad, with cron after several time, everything is slow and stuck, is like codes are running without stop. I will change full way of that and give update

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