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PHPVMSGEN - You have not heard the name before !!!


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One of the major hurdles when setting up a virtual airline from scratch is the amount of data that has to be input to get a working airline. How many hours do you need to spend input airport data , aircraft data , flight data etc. If you say you had just 4 airports that you start off with as 'HUB' airports i.e. A B C D then the number of flights you would at least expect to create are. A-B , A-C , A-D , B-C, B-D and then C-D that's already 6 flights needed.  But in reality you may obviously want to fly outside of just the hub airports and typically you 4 airports may require the input of say another 200 airports as other destinations  so the number of flights starts getting into the hundreds etc. Then there is of course aircraft as each route may have a different type of aircraft to others so there are say 10 aircraft to input.  I think you are getting my point now. So why did I mention PHPVMSGEN , well this is a project of mine as I am setting up a virtual airline of my own in PHPVMS V7 and it has around 80 airports in and around Norway, Iceland , Scotland , Ireland and Faroe Islands and I am not keen to sit for days tying in a lot of data when from the Internet a lot of the data I need is out there and just needs refining for PHPVMS.  PHPVMSGEN has a background database of real world information to quote some figures as to how comprehensive I have built this data  there are 6600 airports that have the capability to be used in PHPVMSGEN as they Have ICAO and IATA codes. Aircraft types yes they are not all required but I have a data table with 300 specific ISO codes for Aircraft so all I think you need are there. Because Virtual airlines can and often follow their real world counterparts as well as fictional Virtual Airlines like mine is going to be I also hold basic information relating to real world airlines which number nearly 8000.  So having airports , aircraft , airlines there is one thing that is missing but I have that done as well from various sources , I have a global flights database of just over 650,000 unique flights , well of course some of them are the same flight but on different days to be as flexible as possible.  So from this huge database of relevent information how will I get just what I need as a sort of 'STARTER' kit into PHPVMS V7 , well PHPVMS has in the admin section the means to import your data from csv files and the output from PHPVMSGEN is as you might guess these csv files. But I am not importing over 1/2 million flight records many of which I would not need.  No Panic PHPVMSGEN extract process is built around your needs in a couple of ways .  The first route is for the mimic of a real world Airline so you input the airline code and what PHPVMSGEN will do is take the flights for the real world airline from my flights database and then note what aircraft types and airports have been used in the schedule and then build the csv files from there.  Of course not everyone wants to copy a real world airline they may want bits and pieces from several , so the second route is to use a set of of BASE airports say ENGM , EHAM , EGKK etc . it will then do the same for flights database but in a different way in that any flight from or to these base airports will be selected and thus the aircraft and other airports will come from that.    It is intended to offer PHPVMSGEN for a small processing fee of no more than €5 to cover the hosting of a website to build and deliver these csv files.   Thats all for now , any comments are as usual gratefully received

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