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Need help to fix Live Map


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We need lots more info from you. Just saying it isn't working .


phpVMS version?

PHP version?

MySQL or MariaDB version?


What ACARS solution are you using?


Is error reporting on in php.ini file?

Any errors showing in error_log file?

Any errors showing in browser console?


Where did you insert the Google Maps API key - filename and exact location?


As I stated on Discord, you need to seek answers to this here as there are many variables in play and Discord is for short answers - especially when working with older versions of phpVMS.

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google maps only allows a certain amount of api calls free now, there is a tutorial on how to get leaflet maps on phpvms. If you can find it, I would suggest trying to get them working. First thing to check is, to see if the acars table is being populated as someone is flying, if it isn't then you have a problem with the php files for the acars program you are using. If it is being populated, then the problem lies in the code for the acars map itself. Have you made any other changes to your site that could possibly have broken something? Was it working before you tried getting the google maps api keys?

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