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ACARS failing on prefile


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Hey friends!


Having an error when trying to setup a flight - on the newest version of PHPVMS and PHP7.4, looks like the ACARS can't find the ID of the PIREP... any ideas?


08-27 00:15:54|INFO; Flight selected: F8120
08-27 00:15:54|INFO; Loading flight, ID=R4m1bOb54BoPEkeK
08-27 00:15:56|INFO; Handling action button, val=Start Flight
08-27 00:15:56|ERROR; You must select an aircraft
08-27 00:15:56|INFO; MessageBox, message=You must select an aircraft
08-27 00:15:59|INFO; Handling action button, val=Start Flight
08-27 00:15:59|INFO; Found loaded flight plan, adding to PIREP
08-27 00:15:59|INFO; Field Version=
08-27 00:16:00|ERROR; uri=http://vms.virtualflairairlines.com/api/pireps/prefile
08-27 00:16:00|ERROR; error=
08-27 00:16:00|ERROR; req=https://vms.virtualflairairlines.com/api/pireps/prefile
08-27 00:16:00|ERROR; code=404-NotFound
08-27 00:16:00|ERROR; response body={"type":"https:\/\/phpvms.net\/errors\/not-found","title":"No query results for model [App\\Models\\Pirep] prefile","details":"No query results for model [App\\Models\\Pirep] prefile","status":404,"error":{"status":404,"message":"No query results for model [App\\Models\\Pirep] prefile"}}
08-27 00:16:00|INFO; Error prefiling, retrying, No query results for model [App\Models\Pirep] prefile
08-27 00:16:00|ERROR; Error prefiling, server says "No query results for model [App\Models\Pirep] prefile"
08-27 00:16:00|INFO; MessageBox, message=Error prefiling, server says "No query results for model [App\Models\Pirep] prefile"


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7 hours ago, natopower said:

Yeah, that was solved. Just a misclick on that first bit. The App\Models\Pirep issue is the main problem.


"No query results for model [App\Models\Pirep] prefile" simply means that Acars is not able to connect to your phpvms properly and can not pre-file the pirep to move on...


And root cause of that error lies just above it ;


08-27 00:16:00|ERROR; uri=http://
08-27 00:16:00|ERROR; req=https://


Sometimes, SSL certificates do these kind of redirections and when that happens, acars fails 'cause it looks for http response comes from https (or vice versa).


Check your acars settings and your phpvms / env.php (APP_URL=)


Hope this helps




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