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I wanted it to do the same, with the help of a friend did, but there is one drawback is that the signature is generated only when data changes, so it is not convenient, then threw the script, if I find didst lay out, but it was for the old version!

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I think what you could do to reduce the load on the server and from recreating the siggy so many times would be to use the individual pilot signature regenerate function already available but hook it to the acars map. Basically build a function into the acars map that regnerates the pilot badge when the pilots flight status, ie - departing, in flight, decending, etc, changes on the flight board. That way you are not regenerating everyones siggy, and you are only regenerating the active pilots siggy when his status changes not every time the map reloads.

something like

if($status->old <> $status->new)

{ pilotdata::regeneratesiggy($pilot->id);}

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Guest lorathon

If you use kACARS_Free you could also tie it into the liveupdate portion of the kACARS_Free module. I am sure you could do the same with the other ACARS modules. The good thing about tieing into these is that is it only run when the ACARS application files the update. The map tie in would only work if someone was looking at the map. And then if multiple people are looking it would update too frequently and may tie up server resources.

Just my opinion.

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