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  1. Artjom

    Rev 946 - version update

    I've a problem this error showing, Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class TemplateSet in C:\Program Files (x86)\VertrigoServ\www\PHPVMS\core\classes\TemplateSet.class.php on line 41
  2. Artjom

    Rev 943 - VMS-328 VMS-329 #closed fixed

    please re-upload phpvms 943, but 944 have some bugs! Thanks!
  3. Artjom

    Rev 944 - VMS-292 VMS-303 VMS-330 #close fixed

    Fatal error: Class 'SettingsData' not found in C:\Program Files (x86)\VertrigoServ\www\install\install.php on line 75 I have became this error, at the installation!
  4. Artjom

    Fligh Info every 5sek?

    Deutscher? aus welchem stadt?
  5. Artjom

    User selectable skins

    Nice work Thank you!
  6. Artjom

    Skin change

  7. Artjom

    Skin change

    Hallo all members, I'm back! I need help to make skin change for a pilot. How can I make that any pilots can self changing skins from VA? Thanks for Help VA KD AVIA
  8. Artjom

    Surreal Template v1 With Dropdown Menus

    Can you upload your tempate to phpvms forum? but I've problem with your forum....
  9. Artjom

    Lock Aircraft in use

    any results?
  10. Artjom

    Aircraft Location in Schedule

    yes of corse!!
  11. Artjom

    Aircraft Location in Schedule

    Yes that's a good idia! anyone help with this modul???
  12. Artjom


    bad bad bad hacker are a stupid people,,,
  13. Artjom

    Typ table's (FleetTable)

    Hello all, I have a problem, I can not divide one table into 2 different output table's. FleetTable show only a one table with information, but I need a conclusion in the two tables, first table of Boeing 737 and the second table  Airbus A319 how can I create this?  please help.. First Table is (list of all Boeing aircraft's) Boeing B737-300 EI-CHH, total flight time 00:12:50. Located at the airport Cologne Bonn (EDDK). EI-BBG, total flight time 00:22:40. Located at the airport Cologne Bonn (EDDK). Second Table is (list of all Airbus aircraft's) Airbus A319-100 VP-BBG, total flight time 01:20:15. Located at the airport Munich (EDDM). VP-BNM, total flight time 03:22:10. Located at the airport Cologne (EDDK). This isn't a good code... <?php foreach ($fleet as $aircraft) { ?> <?php $airbus = explode("EI", $aircraft->registration); echo $airbus[0];?>, total flight time <?php echo $aircraft->totaltime; ?>.<br> Located at the airport<?php $params = (array('a.registration'=>$aircraft->registration, 'p.accepted'=>PIREP_ACCEPTED)); $pirep = PIREPData::findPIREPS($params); $current_location = $pirep[0]->arricao; $current_location2 = $pirep[0]->arrname; { echo ''.$current_location2.' ('.$current_location.')'; } ?>.<br><br> <?php } ?>
  14. Artjom

    Signature cash

    Code: added in PilotData.class.php '.number_format($pilot->totalpay, 2, ',', ' '). '$';Â