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Support for A32NX by FBW?


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Dear phpVMS team, could you please consider to add support for A32NX FBW plane? I am talking specificaly about lights where ACARS is detecting strobe (auto) as strobe (on). So if someone is using strobe auto on the ground, ACARS is detecting this as violation. API events for lights are well documented in A32NX docs. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, that depends on how they report it to simconnect. So with it being on auto, they must always be reporting it as "on".


I'm guessing their api are lvars which I don't think are supported through the simconnect interface yet. It's on my list to look into

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As an addition to above;


Due to their ongoing changes and incompatibilities with other addons, vmsAcars provides a pre-defined aircraft configmap for FBW. Which disables/ignores the light rules to be applied to it and fixes the flap detents reported back to phpvms.




For it to work, aircraft title should match the configmap, which is another problem 'cause I see lots of painters and users are releasing their work with strange titles in aircraft.cfg 


Safe flights

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On 1/25/2022 at 8:42 AM, kissman said:

Hi Nabel, you are probably correct - i found this: API for lights


Thanks for the link - I'll take a look. I'm using the beacon and strobe values, but I see they're using some simconnect events too, I have to do some research if those are standard events or not, because right now, I'm not looking at those to get values from.


Edit; So interesting, looks like a few new sim vars have been added (so I'm using the older "LANDING LIGHTS ON" vs "LANDING LIGHTS"). But the strobes one is interesting, since the doc says it ignores "auto". I can do some experimenting with this later.

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