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translation of Phpvms7

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if you want to use the provided "pt-br" translations

  1. edit your env.php file
  2. find APP_LOCALE=en line
  3. change it to APP_LOCALE=pt-br
  4. save the file
  5. go to admin section, then maintenance
  6. clean application cache
  7. visit your site, translation will be applied

If you want to change the provided "pt-br" and have your own translation

  1. go to "resources/lang" folder
  2. duplicate "pt-br" folder, name it as you like (something like "br" or "br-br" will be ok)
  3. check the contents of that new folder
  4. edit the files with an editor without braking the syntax if you need to change something
  5. then apply the above process, but this time instead of APP_LOCALE=pt-br, use your own created folder name like APP_LOCALE=br or APP_LOCATE=br-br

Good luck and God speed

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Sorry, I have no more time for today.


You basically need to have some html and css (stylesheet) editing knowledge, best you need to study laravel theme basics if you want to edit the theme, logos, colors, style etc.


Check forums and docs, also there are lots of answers in phpVms Discord (v7 questions channel, or addons channel)


Good luck on that too

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