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Webpage for ACARS purchase


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Is the page still up?  I can't access it anymore from any of the 3 computers I have or even my phone...... I would think this is more than a firewall or virus protection issue as I believe (in my lack of computer knowledge) that the site has an exception or whatever.  From the home page when clicking purchase now it just tries to load for awhile then gives the cannot connect screen.....weird......any ideas?  Thanks!

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Sorry for the late reply everyone....so I just figured out its an issue with my WIFI though I still don't know how to fix it.  I tried the links on my new iPhone and it wasn't working until I got the idea to disconnect WIFI and just use cell data.


Guys I cant stress enough how much I dont know about computers and all this but I think this means it's a proxy issue...???  Any ideas how to fix that?

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