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Fleet Import Issue


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Apologies if this has come up already. I ran a quick search and could not find any helpful answers.

Say we purchased/downloaded the schedule package from a site of the likes of vaschedules.net. Allegedly, they provide the import templates for:

Airports (this works)
Fleet (this does not work)
Schedules (this I don't know yet)

So, I thought the aircraft template they used was out of fashion and downloaded the templates pack available in here.
I copied all of the values in their rightful spot and tried importing once again to no joy. Same error: "CSV file doesn't seem to match import type"

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

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Technically, that sites should update their export systems and be compatible with latest changes...


This was discussed many times before, most of the time it is just a new field being introduced in v7 due to requests or system changes, but the schedule support selling sites fall behind of the current changes and their files fail.


So, what you can do is simple...


Export files (for example subfleets or aircraft) from your updated v7, compare the exported file against the file they provided. You can easily spot the difference, edit your file to follow latest changes/additions and import.


Even after this change you are getting errors, double check your edits and file structure, also double check the import you are trying. Many time I saw people trying to import aircraft to subfleet or vice versa (which will fail even with 100% legit files).


Good luck

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