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Robin Hood Airlines

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Hiya peeps, I have created a new VA called Robin Hood Airlines.

It can be found here: Robin Hood Airlines

It is in its infancy but I am looking for new members.

Within the airport database there is 1,100 airports that you are able to fly to. The flight schedules will be getting added to on a daily basis. Also the fleet will improve over time.

The look of the website is getting there, however it does need improving which I am doing but learning phpvms from scratch is not easy.

The actual workings within the website is up and running, everything works that you can see, however the actual layout does need some work.

I also have a Teamspeak 3 server for you to use, details of this are on the website. I have forums but at this time they are not integrated with the website so you need to also register on the forums. This will be changed in the future so that you only need to register once to gain access to the website and the forums.

Please feel free to give me some pointers within the forums if you have ideas on how to improve the VA.

Hope to see you flying with Robin Hood Airlines in the near future!!


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you have did another thing much more clever with your fleet than I did which is the picture size =much faster loading time than mine

since my pictures on fleet page are 1680x1248 resized by the system to 350x240px and that for all planes resulting that it has to load many large pictures so I have to redone this part



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