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  1. Hi Vansers, my parents are really strict and they won't let me buy a website, I am 13 old enough to make a VA. I would prefer to pay than free hosting. Anyway we have made a new VA that has Fly Sol in called "EuroSky" the website is
  2. I click exam center in my Pilot Center and it appears with the following: An Error Was Encountered The module "EXAMS" doesn't exist!
  3. That happened with me, Just take out the Code/Javascript for the thing that isn't working Hope it all goes well, Matthew
  4. Sorry but this VA has closed down, since there has been a FATAL ERROR, We are very sorry and upset. We are making a new VA called "EuroSky" We are going to use the same fleet as Fly Sol and many more. Happy Landings Matthew Talbot
  5. Hey do you have any more Releases or Code snippets upcoming, your codes and releases are great! KEEP IT UP :D

  6. Hi mark, just the man i needed, I do not know how to do this step : Load the exam_center.sql file in your phpVMS database using phpMYAdmin or similar... I have been in phpMyadmin and cannot find it. Please help me as I know you have this in your VA as my brother told me, He is Josh Talbot at Luton Airport (EZY0040). I have searched all of my database and browsed all of it and don't know what to do. Many Thanks, Matthew
  7. I dont get what you mean by: Load the exam_center.sql file in your phpVMS database using phpMYAdmin or similar I have searched it in my database using phpMyadmin and browsed all of my database and could not find it, I have never used phpMyadmin and I really want to use the entrance exam, Please help me. Many Thanks, Matthew
  8. I cannot find airmail_new_install.sql in my database, I have searched it and no results
  9. Hi Jeff, This happened to me, What you have to do is Upload the background to the background folder again which is located at core/signature I think. I found out that the Background folder was deleted, so make the Background folder again and put the background.png back on with the permissions 0777 (x10 hosting/cPanel) or 777 <- there the same thing just different ways of it. Go into your admin center and click Maintenance and click Reset Signatures, It should work. If it doesn't work click Optimize Tables Many Thanks, Matthew [CEO of Fly Sol Join us at Fly Sol today ]
  10. I posted 3 threads, and I have got it working, found out in the end that I had deleted the Backgrounds folder with the background in so It is now working because I re uploaded it
  11. Download PHPVMS again and open the folder and put all the schedule .tpl things on again, all Optimize the Tables Hope it works, I will have a look around for you
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