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Award Importer v1.0 for phpvms_v7

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Award Importer v1.0 for phpvms_v7
If you want to import your awards and granted awards from phpvms_v5 to phpvms_v7, this will help you get everything done quickly as this process is not originally implemented. This script is intended to run after you have imported your data with the phpvms:importer and should not be used if your airline is already in production and running.

>>> View on GitHub <<<

What is part of the import?

  • All awards including name, description, image URL, model parameter, active/inactive and time of creation
  • All awards that pilots have already received including user ID, award ID and the day granted.


  • The v5 and v7 database tables have to be in the same database
  • All previous awards and granted awards will be deleted, to match user IDs
  • You've to check your awards after the import, Award Class and Parameters are not possible to compare to v5
  • If you are using a different table prefix, you have to change it according to yours

How to use

  • Upload the "award_import_full.php" to your /public folder
  • Open your browser and go to www.domain.com/award_import_full.php

Do you have any suggestions or need help?
Please use the GitHub issue tracker or this topic

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Thanks for your continued efforts and support!


Looking forward to your other importers as well.


Please provide a comprehensive list of the v5 modules you use and/or that your importers will work with.

Different modules that provide the same basic functions can/do name their database fields differently.

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