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I want to modify:

           public static function getAircraftInfo($reg)
               $reg = DB::escape($reg);

               return DB::get_row('SELECT * FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.'aircraft 
                                   WHERE `registration` ='.$reg

so it will return the hours as well..

I have no idea how I am going to this so can someone please provide the code.



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There is no record for total flight hours for an aircraft in the aircraft table, or anywhere else. You will need to create a sql call to the pireps table to get the total hours for an aircraft. Something like ->

public function get_AircraftHours($id)  {

           $query = 'SELECT SUM(flighttime) AS total FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX."pireps WHERE aircraft='$id'";

           $result = DB::get_row($query);

           return $result->total;

The "$id" variable has to be the database id of the aircraft, not the registration as it is recorded that way in the pireps table.

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