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phpvms_navdata updated from Airac 1307 =)


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This is an alternative update for phpvms_navdata.

I decided to update my table but I had no patience to make manually.

In addition to complicated and exhaustive update manually, I decided to use the AIRAC :)

How to?


I used FSBUILD_1307.exe, extracted and renamed the files.

I don't have fsbuild installed on my pc, just grabbed the file for FSUILD and extract in a single folder.


To unzip and install the AIRAC effective, I created fsbuild.exe in Notepad.

I selected the folder on the supposed fsbuild.exe and extract the files :)

Which files?


** ints.txt <-----> INTERSECTIONS.txt

** awys.txt <-----> AIRWAYS.txt

** navs.txt <-----> NDB-VOR.txt

I used the phpvms_navdata from Nabeel Shahzad (Thank´s Nabeel) and I analyzed the fsbuildparse.php!

GitHub - https://github.com/nshahzad/phpvms_navdata


Airways = Line 82 ----> $handle = fopen('fsbuild/fsb_awy2.txt', 'r'); --- awys.txt

VORs = Line 159 ---> $handle = fopen("fsbuild/fsb_vor.txt", "r"); --- navs.txt

NDBs = Line 235 ---> $handle = fopen('fsbuild/fsb_ndb.txt', 'r'); --- navs.txt again

INTs = Line 312 ---> $handle = fopen('fsbuild/fsb_int.txt', 'r'); --- ints.txt

Simple, no?

I changed the file fsbuildparse.php for my personal use.

How do I update my table (index)?

How to use?

modify the db.php file for your data (mysqlserver, user, password and database) and run the following command:

php-f update.php

this works!!!

19.0 MB - phpvms_navdata

284.843 lines =)

Perhaps not a great alternative, but it's a great start!!

Change, create, deploy and distribute.


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