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  1. Also, always remember the program needs to be run with "Administrator Privileges"; meaning Right clicking the shortcut, choosing Properties, then the Compatibility Tab and putting the check mark on "Run this program as an Administrator". It is essential for all version of kAcars and many people forget, don't know or they just plain think that, because they're logged into Windows as Administrator, everything is fine and dandy. Another thing to check, always, is the Microsoft NET version, which should be at least 2.0 and preferably all updated to current 4.5. Last, but not least, never install the program under Program Files or Program Files (x86) on Windows 7 and above. Windows has special privileges and "hooks" tight to those 2 folders which can make funny things happen, just stay away from it and install directly under the disk main root. None of this may apply to your situation, but it's always good to cover all the basis. Cheers
  2. Dear Members, 2 years have gone by already and we keep growing stronger than ever. New features and updates are consistently hitting the website and we now have a state of the art Dispatch system with PAR121 compliant paperwork to print, just like the real world. Too many features to mention, come and see for yourself..... With this exponential growth we are also seeking some talented individuals to hire within our ranks. Come Fly With US!! www.flystaralliance.net
  3. Yes, that one is working. Now, one more question (maybe I missed it): How do you fix the fact that the Jumpseat cost is not displayed in the recap page (processed transfer)? Thanks
  4. God I wish I had Jeff's programming knowledge.... When something doesn't work I'm simply lost without help. Anyway, table wise, mines are default phpvms and therefore not the problem. Hope to get some more suggestions......
  5. Better now, thanks Parkho, although I still have a couple of little problems to solve....
  6. Yeah. That would be a very nice fix as well as the ability to close FSX independently from kAcars.
  7. Parkho you did a great job as usual, thank you very much for this one. Everything works perfect although I still have to skin it and finish the necessary customization but I have one question for you. I noticed on page one that you said you could help about the piece of code and relative changes needed to restore the jumpseat fee. Could you please tell me how to? Thanks again........
  8. You guys have done an excellent job already and I'll be happy to help as much as I can with the best of my ability. Yes, please, upgrade the changes you've made so we can take a look at it and test it.... Thanks Again !!!
  9. Hi Nabeel, when you get a chance, can you please give an example or some more clues on how to deal with that integration. I have a very basic knowledge of php and really don't know where to start from. Thanks a bunch in advance for your time. Cheers Will
  10. Hi guys, thought I introduce a little variation for all of you that work their schedules with IATA codes since I found out that the above format doesn't work with them. In that case, instead of using the code above, you can use this one: For Departure <a href="http://www.wunderground.com/Aviation/index.html?query=<?php echo $schedule->depicao; ?>" target="_blank">Departure METAR Details</a><br /> For Arrival <a href="http://www.wunderground.com/Aviation/index.html?query=<?php echo $schedule->arricao; ?>" target="_blank">Arrival METAR Details</a><br /> Now, this will work, but, since I'm really far away from knowing what I'm doing, if you have a better solution to make the IATA codes work within the <iframe> please post it. Thank a bunch. Will
  11. Hi guys. Sorry I forgot to reply last night. Somehow the app.config.php got corrupted and that was causing the problem. Weird because everything else was working fine. So i re-uploaded an original version and the error was gone. Thanks again for all your help and time. Sincerely William M
  12. Hi Dave, I really appreciated your words but for me it's normal. I know the kind of effort needed and the time involved in this line of work. I have a lot respect for the guys that, after all the effort, decide to share their work for free. I think that most users of this kind of forums are very young and they don't realize or know the value of this, or perhaps they just take it for granted. Either way it's not fair. It's not a matter of money but instead of respect and consideration. Also I really liked your presentation at the beginning of the dedicated forum: Very clear, effective and so true. I really love your modules and, although I'm not a pilot of Virtual ACA, I admire the work done there. I think it's one of the most clean and well designed website I've seen when it comes to Virtual Airlines. So you can rest assured that your link is not going anywhere and I was actually thinking about putting another one, a little more visible, on the Fly Star Alliance main site. Thanks again for the kind words and keep up the excellent work, if nothing else for people like us that appreciate it a lot. Cheers Will
  13. Hi guys, I don't understand what happened but all of a sudden I cannot see any of my 45 pilots from the link "All my Pilots" in Admin. Totally empty!!! Everything else works, the Pilots table in the DB is ok, they're not retired and all associated to a Hub. Only when I go, for example, to "Change Pilot ID" I can see all of them listed on the drop down menu or in the Pilot table on the main website. Pending Pilots also works but when I approve a new entry it also disappears with the others. In the website everything is ok, all the Stats are updating as they should and the Pireps system works. Can't understand why they don't show. Anybody know what I did wrong ?? Thanks in advance Will
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