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    Flying, planes, coding in objective C. Well that pretty much covers it
  1. ChrisTaylor

    ArrowChat (SOLVED)

    Any luck with this on arrow chat V1.8 !
  2. ChrisTaylor

    IP address and Country Region in Registration Form

    Well there are two things. People can use VPNs or Proxys to mask and change their IP. You can just google IP address to location and it will tell you their location ect. Hope it helps, Chris
  3. ChrisTaylor

    Web Developer Request

    Flash? Who uses that. And qualified dev..... Erm i've seen half of the re skinners are between 15-21ish (most) And I think they don't have a degree in HTML ect....
  4. ChrisTaylor

    Pilot Calendar - Interested?

    Oh don't make me shut up and pay you money
  5. ChrisTaylor

    Pilot Calendar - Interested?

    Shut up and take my money!
  6. ChrisTaylor

    Custom ACARS Tracker

    Hi everyone, I need an ACARS tracker for my VA, what ACARS trackers or people to buy custom ACARS from. I was going to use cACARS from Crazycreatives but it had a huge surge in clients so he is no longer offering it. Does anyone know of some complex ACARS trackers like http://www.crazycreatives.com/cacars-flight-tracker/ Thanks in advance, Chris
  7. ChrisTaylor

    VRTS - Virtual Remote Training System

    I;ll be buying soon!!!
  8. ChrisTaylor

    Website effect

  9. ChrisTaylor

    [Complete Skin] Pacific | Free

    I never get the email
  10. ChrisTaylor

    [NOTICE] - Open Flash Chart Exploit

    I have that version on my site. I assume it is not a venerability or it looks like that.
  11. ChrisTaylor

    Schedules to PFPX

    May I convert this into a module?
  12. ChrisTaylor

    Schedules to PFPX

    Had a try and its really good
  13. ChrisTaylor

    How was born phpVMS?

    Let's try and bump this thread up. I think we all wanna see!!
  14. ChrisTaylor

    Schedules to PFPX

    I'll be trying!
  15. ChrisTaylor

    [NOTICE] - Open Flash Chart Exploit

    Any updates on this?