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  1. hello guys  


    we had a small error with our phpvms7 site  though i dont know if it been pointed out or not yet 


    but when one of my pilots went to book his return flight  EGAA -> EGCC  the schedules where gone   ( don't know how ) 


    we fixed the error by reuploading the flights.csv file overwriting the current flights   we think this is a bug of some kind though we arnt completely sure what caused it


    just thought id post it on here to let you guys know about it anyways





  2. 31 minutes ago, DisposableHero said:


    Yeah, this is something thanks for the info. (you can delete the link/file from your Google Drive if you wish so)


    [2022-05-02 21:33:41] production.ERROR: Undefined variable $captcha


    Most probably you are using an incompatible (old) version of phpvms v7 with a theme which requires the latest development edition. This is why provided default is working but my theme is not too.


    Unfortunately you are STILL not following the docs to request help properly.




    Please do not rush, take your time, read the link above and provide info for the bold items whenever you are ready to do so. We only have answers for "What page stuff happened on" and "Laravel logs" items, rest is still unclear.


    PS: We do NOT need apache and php logs for this error.


    Best wishes

    sorry if it feels like am jumping down your throat   am just getting frustrated    am reinstalling the whole site with the latest version of phpvms7 downloaded from the releases on discord ( Version 7.0.0-dev+220328.e2226b)  hope that works


    am not giving up   uve a nice theme btw


    best wishes



  3. 9 minutes ago, ProAvia said:

    Might I suggest following what the text in the error says. Without you supplying that needed info, it's anyones guess.


    i dont know  this is only happening with the theme from DisposableHero   the phpvms default theme works ok 😕 


    iev attached the laravel log anyways    i cant make heads or tails of it

  4. getting an 500 server error   registration page only ( default theme works fine )


    web address is >>  https://crew.luxuryairways.co.uk/register


    Something went terribly wrong !
    500 | Server Error
    If you are a regular user, please inform website administrators

    What an administrator should do now;

    • Check laravel logs for error details
    • Enable APP_DEBUG and re-visit same page

    With more information in hand;

    • Either ask for help with all required details
    • Or try fixing it personally

    Sharing an image of this page for help will not work, never did :(

    phpVMS Docs | Getting Help



  5. sorry for the spelling typo lol


    yh we got it working,  sent my host a support ticket in which they were very quick at getting back to me  they reinstalled the named PHP Extension and ive now got the site up and working


    we are slowly moving from phpvms5 to phpvms7 





  6. hello all


    ive just tried to install phpvms 7 on our site  buit it has come up saying that the INTEL PHP Exntention has Failed


    Does this mean that the Host am with hasnt got it enabled/Installed


    please help






  7. 7 hours ago, ProAvia said:

    What version of MySQL or MariaDB are you using?

    Shared hosting, VPS or other hosting?

    Hi ProAvia


    MySQL Version10.3.28-MariaDB-cll-lve      what i got off my cpanel    hosts updated mysql so we could use Moodle for our Academy Services  this happened recently


    never heard of MariaDB until phpvms7 soo i dont know much about it 


    its paid Hosting By HostPresto been with them for a few years now





  8. Hello Guys


    Ive a big problem here


    i cant add schedules to my site  if i do i get  2 errors  one is    There was an error adding the schedule, already exists DB error: Field 'route_details' doesn't have a default value  << fixing that by adding NULL to the schedules database


    will result with this one >> There was an error adding the schedule, already exists DB error: Incorrect double value: '' for column luxuryai_phpvms.phpvms_schedules.payforflight at row 1


    i also have the Aircraft market Mod on my site   Can No Longer add Aircraft  have tried adding the Airbus A220-300 to the Airbus Market 3 times the site said Aircraft added  but when i checked it was a no show 


    also we can book a flight and fly it with Smartcars  but when we land and go to file the pirep guess what  it fails to send or doesn't show up in admin for us to accept   please help me here am at a dead end and i need this fixed asap


    if you need to ive attached pictures below


    Phpvms Version simpilot/php7.2


    Theme is : Stislaskin 


    if you require an admin account on the site please pm me asap







    error 1.png

    error 2.png

    error 3.png

    error 4.png

  9. hello all


    ive just uploaded the admin skin by @web541 from his github here >> https://libraries.io/github/web541/phpVMS-Admin-Panel-Skin   ive the php version


    it works perfectly   just a small but serious problem  the pilots list and schedules list is missing ( see image )   really nice theme  and would like to use it


    anyway i can get this fixed  quickly    i have backed up the original files from the admin page  just incase   things went pear shaped


    ive went back to the default admin page until this is fixed  as i need the pilots and schecdule lists







  10. Hi guys


    I know phpvms 7 is still under development but something has been bugging me for a while now. When the time comes to port over to the new vms7  how are we going to import all of our aircraft schedules and pilots etc. I mean right now Luxury has over 800 schedules and around 75 aircraft etc il be there to christmas 2022 importing them over lol. That is without a database import or something like that. 


    There's got to be something that can be done. The thing on the phpvms7 installer didn't work for me soo

  11. On 5/12/2020 at 2:37 PM, CarlosEduardo2409 said:

    When phpVMS 7 launches, it has more modules, like a new Fltbook, Airmail, Events, among others, it would not be a bad idea to make a skin. Because if I had started a skin now, I would just leave default, without any module with nothing, especially without the "Reservation by the map".


    Point taken   didn't think of that  but still a good idea if your up for it when vms7 releases

  12. 1 hour ago, ProAvia said:

    It's still a beta - the updater is probably not working correctly. Have you posted the issue to the developers github? It is easier to track for him if you post it there.


    umm how do I do that again


  13. 36 minutes ago, anushpatel said:

    Hi everyone!

    I just saw the latest version has been pushed but the updater seems to be broken:



    cURL error 3: (see http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html)


    So I have already started building a custom design etc on Beta 3, previously I created a fresh install and transferred everything over from another VM but the database import took forever. Is there anyway to update the version without having to delete all the current files and/or having to change any data? I was thinking of manually importing the GitHub file and then running the installer but I don't know if my custom skin and existing DB would break it?








       yep am getting an error aswell when trying to upgrade to Beta 4 >> https://flareapp.io/share/VmekQy7Q#F61



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