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  1. Hi, Long time since ive owned a VA but here i am starting again... I recently uploaded the files via FTP Filezilla but get this error whether i go to cloud-virtual.oo3.co or cloud-virtual.oo3.co/install/install.php. Fatal error: Class 'DB' not found in /home/u126427953/public_html/install/Installer.class.php on line 145 does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  2. Welcome to Hawaiian Virtual Airline! We are a pilot based community in which we believe everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. Everyone will always be learning something new wether it is all the cool routes Hawaiian has, or the Airbus X we teach you to fly, there is an opportunity out there for everyone. Join Us Today! For a number of months now Hawaiian Virtual has been nothing but dreams of the people waiting to join, the time has gone by, seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours and hours seemed like days, but finally the 1st of January 2014 came around much to the delight of the pilots in the queue to join. We have 3 different classes of aircraft, Island Hopper, Medium Range and Long Haul, consisting of Boeing 717 and ATR72, these are the first aircraft you will fly in your career at Hawaiian Virtual Airlines, When you get promoted to Medium Range you will still be able to fly the Island Hoppers but an Airbus A321 will also be added to your list. As you progress further Airbus 330 and Boeing 767 will also be added to your available aircraft. It is extremely easy to advance ranks and you will be flying Boeing 767’s in no time. Join us today at hawaiianva.org to launch your virtual career now!
  3. I know right, the host has been great and now all of a sudden there is the socket error and horrible ads.
  4. No it's just that skin it works fine with crystal skin.
  5. Hi I've recently had to change from the Zumeweb theme because when people try to register they get an error saying. "Could not open socket" Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? MiniJ
  6. Thanks that works now is there a version of every module with a .tpl suffix?
  7. I've searched everywhere and can't find a solution. Please could someone explain how I fix the pictured error. The templateset.php is uploaded to the site. All the module files are added correctly. This error only happens with SPG modules. Please help I've searched everywhere for an answer.
  8. Does the XACARS work or do I need to programme anything for it?
  9. Looks awesome. Defintatley replacing my rubbish skin (i made it i confess) with this. AWESOME WORK!
  10. I looked in FAQs and couldn't find this so just wondering if anyone knows the dimensions of the signature image and what format it needs to be?
  11. We opened on 23rd October 2013. We operate out of London Gatwick to around 10 destinations worldwide operating with 4 subsidiaries, Cloud Budget operating on internal UK flights, Cloud Holiday operating to popular holiday destinations, cloud Europe flying all over Europe and Cloud Executive flying one route changing every month. We have a modern realistic fleet for our flights ranging from long haul to Sydney or short haul to Edinburgh there is something for everyone. Come join us and Fly High on Cloud 9, Cloud VA! We are also hiring a number if staff ranks. Head over to the "Recruitment" page from the homepage. Visit us at http://cloudva.eu.cr
  12. Hey Sometime in the next week a subsidiary of the airline Air Tanganyika will be opening in Europe. We will operate out of London Gatwick and am looking for new pilots. If you have experience as a VA staff message me for an application form. Can't wait to see you. The link will be posted when we open.
  13. every time i try to go to my website ( britishholidaysva.bugs3.com ) i get this error Class 'DB' not found in /home/u120185668/public_html/core/common/SettingsData.class.php on line 28 i dont know how to fix this does anyone else Thanks in advance
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