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  1. Relja12

    Google Maps Conversion

    Anyone still have issues with white map on front page? I am using crewcenter and I do. Any ideas?
  2. Relja12

    Rank progress

    Now it works perfectly fine! Thank you very much Carlos! Best regards, Relja
  3. Relja12

    Rank progress

    Okay, now the code works but for some reason progress bar is missing. Any idea?
  4. Relja12

    Rank progress

    Hi Carlos, First of all, thank you for your response. Now, I get this in place where progress bar should be: Rank Progress //Calculate percentage to next rank. // Round percentage because xxx.x% is not good for CSS. 4% Completed // Progress bar percentage // Create progress bar // Progress bar inner
  5. Relja12

    Rank progress

    Hey web541, Thank you for getting back to me. But as I am new to coding all those stuff, I dont understand what they want to say. If you could specify what do I have to edit in my code or is it even possible to use it? Thank you again, Relja
  6. Relja12

    Rank progress

    Hey guys! I have a problem when coding this: <li class="list-group-item"> <b>Rank Progress</b> <div style="width: 80%;display: inline;" class="progress-group"> <span class="progress-number">XX%</span> <div class="progress sm"> <div class="progress-bar progress-bar-blue-light" style="width: XX%"></div> </div> </div> </li> I want to add code to display precentage to next rank and progress bar with it. Does someone have an idea? I would appreciate any help! Thanks, Relja
  7. Relja12

    phpVMS add Airport question

    Hey! If you want to add all airports on the world in one file, just add file attached below to in your mysql data base via phpmyadmin. Open your database then go to phpvms_airports and uplod the file. Credites to the file goes to someone on forum, I cant remember the name, sorry Best regards, Relja phpvms_airports.zip
  8. Relja12

    Crew Center Tweaks

    Hi guys, Confirm codes are available for public? Thanks, Relja