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  1. More than just a VA, We are a unique community We would be happy to see you as a pilot in our Virtual Airline. We have an advanced PIREP and flight tracking system which allows our pilots to track other pilots. we are constantly in development. We use the latest technologies, and keep our virtual airline updated. Modern Crew Center Full responsive Crew Center like it should be. You can use it on any device you want. Custom build for our needs. Community Forums We have a forum where you can ask a question, or find a solution! Online Flights We make this more realistic and enjoyable by creating events. Trusted Software We have an improved version of data recorder which helps us to fly high-end flights by following the OUR MISSION To be a realistic virtual airlines with our modern website and flight rules. OUR VISION Increasing the interest in virtual aviation and the number of flights. WHY US Because we have features that make us who we are,Friendship and Helpfulness, Online Flights, Realistic Flights, Platform Freedom https://www.gokturkvirtual.com/
  2. This web page plugin you send pulls the data from the web, if the one I sent is adapted, it pulls the data from the database from the system.
  3. Hello friends, While browsing the Github site, I found something awesome. Route planning software. It would be great if anyone can do this to adapt it as a plugin for phpvms. https://github.com/shinoyasan/Airway-Route-Finder
  4. the problem is in the database, many modules do not work. why could this be?
  5. Hi, I started getting errors when there were no errors. ball pilot module not working. the same flights are sent several times. as a database error, how to correct it.
  6. GKT001

    Navdata Update

    I would be very glad if anybody shares their 2005 or 2006 navdata.
  7. Hello there, This code shows the pilot's latest flights. But I have a problem and gives fatal error to the person who has no flight. How do I fix this. Example; <?php PIREPS::publicroutesmap($userinfo->pilotid,10)?> public function publicroutesmap($pilotID,$limit='') { $this->title = 'Flight Map of'.$pilotID; $pireps = PIREPData::findPIREPS(array('p.pilotid' => $pilotID),$limit); if(!$pireps) { $this->set('message', 'There are no PIREPs for this pilot!!'); $this->render('core_error.tpl'); return; } $this->set('allschedules', $pireps); $this->show('flown_routes_map.php'); }
  8. Icrewlıte style EXAMcenter test buttons are not visible. What can I do to make it look. The icrew system supports the following style, how do I add these codes to the examcenter buttons. ICREW RADIO BUTTON STILL <input name="group1" type="radio" id="radio_2" /> <label for="radio_2">Radio - 2</label> EXAMCENTER BUTTON CODE <form name="myform" action="<?php echo SITE_URL ?>/index.php/Exams/grade_exam" method="POST"> <table cellpadding="15px"> <?php echo '<tr><td colspan="2"><h2>'.$title->exam_description.'</h2></td></tr>'; $count = 0; foreach ($questions as $question) { $count++; echo '<tr><td align="left" width="15%">Question #'.$count.'</td>'; echo '<td align="left"><b>'.$question->question.'</b><br />'; echo '<input type="radio" name="question'.$count.'" value="1">'.$question->answer_1.'<br>'; echo '<input type="radio" name="question'.$count.'" value="2">'.$question->answer_2.'<br>'; echo '<input type="radio" name="question'.$count.'" value="3">'.$question->answer_3.'<br>'; echo '<input type="radio" name="question'.$count.'" value="4">'.$question->answer_4.''; echo '<input type="hidden" name="question_id'.$count.'" value="'.$question->id.'" />'; echo '<input type="hidden" name="question_counter" value="'.$count.'" />'; echo '</td></tr>'; } ?>
  9. I use Charter flight on my virtual airline. But there's a problem, it seems to be coming to 0 company. If the expense is too high, why income 0? Isn't there a way to fix this? Please help me. https://hizliresim.com/r0Pjom
  10. In the average landing calculation, I want the pilot to have at least 50 flights and enter the account list. With 1 flight going into the list. How can I do that ?
  11. Hello, How can I show the total fuel information used by each pilot on the pilot profile page. I just couldn't do it. Can you help me?
  12. Can you add plugin for points system? I couldn't run it this way
  13. Hi Parkho ; aircharts.org web site offline, chart data is not coming because the site is closed. Can you find a different solution
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