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  1. hi , thanks for using this module. this error is already reports and solved in this topic.its not a big problem ,you just miss some codes or you added theme in the wrong place. please read the issues that other users report here. you will fix this and also tou will get much info about this module. by the way the manual is completely explain everything. please follow the instructions step by step. best regards
  2. hi , sorry for delay responding your reply! thanks, it's kind of you. to do so... if you want to change the background or any graphic! you don't need to change the .tpl file. just make your own image in any size you want and replace it with the name of current graphic item. just keep its own name as it is! just in one case you need to edit .tpl file! just if you want to changethe address of the graphics on your local host server. hope it works
  3. hi, dont worry about it! it's OK. actually at the first ,when u creat an account as CEO for your VA, your ID is 0001. bytheway, there's no matter with the PILOT ID! it can be any thing! but if you creat an charter flight with a Pilot ID , the ID should NOT be change! just it
  4. ok, you did it right as i said before, so what do you mean : Still requesting the default numbers the system 10001-12000 !? you mean you get ERROR when you add a charter with for example with the number 9001 ?? or you refer to the tip in add schedule form .tpl ? there is the tip (help note) in the .tpl of add schedule form you should change it manually
  5. hi, we have 2 of these checkers in our module file, one for ADD SCHEDULE (line 820) the other for EDIT SCHEDULE (line 967) ... i think you changed the checker for EDIT SCHEDULE and not for ADD SCHEDULE function! please check this and let me know if the problem solved
  6. thx, actually yes! i've done this in my va. but it's really treaky...i mixed PILOT SHOP module and CHARTER module to make it happen I'm going to make it more simple... I'll publish the new version of this module...as soon as i can I don't know wy you get this error, i think you have a filter for your bids to check the route...i don't have any idea, mybe you should search other topics so sorry i couldn't help body
  7. hi, its the background image, and i think u should replace it with your own website background or change it to a colour or delete it , it's on your own
  8. hi fernando, I don't get what u going to say but it might works : this module just add a new airline to your DB and the pilots will add their own charter flights in the new airline named "charter flight" (code: CH), just it! your current airline with its own flights will never being crashed or removed or any thing its an additional option for the pilots, it can be a goal for them! trust me
  9. hi,thanks, you'r right, but i think it's not nessecery when we limit their ability to add charters (limit of 30 charters only!). they can easily edit their charter flight and change all the fields ,but flightnum best reagrds - R.Farzam
  10. hello every one, I am using this module, it's useful but some bugy! as you know there is a bug with NOTAM ! Finally I got the solution. but first of all , the bug seems to appear when some pilot change his/her AIRMAIL setting to GET the notification EMAIL! so when you send a NOTAM to ALL PILOTS , the script starts to send the NOTAM via AIRMAIL , one by one , to ALL PILOTS...BUT the script ends when the NOTAM wants to be send to a pilot who selected YES to recive the notification E-Mail! just it! so to just ignore this (NOT TO SOLVE THE PROB!) you can remove the script that send the notifica
  11. hi, please check the code below /** * Get the total number of schedules based on criterea for charters * * @param array $params key => value list * @return int Returns the total number * */ public static function CountCharterSchedules($icao, $price) { //Count schedules $query = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."schedules WHERE price = '".$price."' AND code = '".$icao."'"; $results = DB::get_results($query); return DB::num_rows($results); } you should add the code to your SchedulesData.class.php ! maybe there is something wrong with your
  12. I did it and it works perfect for me, no bug , no nothing but it is realy hard to install! so it takes some time to translate and make it real simple to install for other webmasters but i take some shots for you...enjoy...and wait for the module PLEASE
  13. hi, u should do it like this : <?php foreach($allaircraft as $aircraft) { if($aircraft->enabled == "1") { if($aircraft->registration == $schedule->registration) { $sel = 'selected'; } else
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