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  1. In Admin: events/sidebar_events.php what do I do?
  2. Hi Guys, my page Pilot Brief It does not work properly, because I see "No Chart Available" and Weather information does not apper.
  3. http://tinypic.com/r/av328n/9 Fatal error: Call to undefined function recaptcha_get_html() in /home/marin524/public_html/core/templates/registration_mainform.tpl on line 94
  4. Where I can Download? I don't see the link
  5. Well, I managed to convert php, now I can not link the menus. example: I put the code inside the menu (<li> <a href="<?php echo url('/acars') ?> "> Live Map </a> </ li>) but when I click this menu, it is not directed to the page, what I do?
  6. Sorry I am not good at English. I download the template and does not have the styles file, only default.css and fonts.css what I do?
  7. Can you give me a help to install it. No I lose my website?
  8. How to show only flights from the airport? For example, a pilot flies to SBGR the next flight it should be starting from SBGR
  9. I do not know if all files are read / writeable. Can you tell me more about this SimPilots?
  10. I did what you asked for, all are clean. When I add an airport manually appears the error There was an error adding the airport
  11. I'm in version 5.3 because the last was with many errors. I made the process local.config.php but when I put an airport manually the following error appears: There was an error adding the airport
  12. How do I add a new page? I'm new to php. When I click Ranks appears: An Error Was Encountered The module "RANK" does not exist! When I click Awards appears: An Error Was Encountered The module "AWARDS" does not exist!
  13. Hello, I'm new I do not know how, can help telling me where is this CSV? and how to manually import?
  14. Hello, I'm having trouble adding airports, I can not find it with the ICAO code and also can not manually add, always appears an error (There was an error adding the airport). Also on the registration page appears the error: Warning: file_exists () [function.file-exists]: File name is longer than the maximum allowed path length on this platform (4096): / home / u198752317 / public_html // lib / skins / crystal / <h3> Registration </ h3> <p> Welcome to the registration form for Asta AA Lines © Virtual areas. After you register, you will be Notified by the staff member about your membership. </ P> <form method = "post" action = "http://astavirtual.wc.lt/index.php/registration"> <dl> <dt> First Name: * </ dt> <dd> <input type = "text" name = "firstname" value = "" /> </ dd> <dt> Last Name: * </ dt> <dd> <input type = "text" name = "lastname" value = "" /> </ dd> <dt> Email Address: * </ dt> <dd> <input type = "text" name = "email" value = "" /> </ dd> <dt> Select Airline: * </ dt> <dd> <selec in /home/u198752317/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 96
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