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  1. Now, yes. When I had commented, the registration page led no where.
  2. Thats a big statement. Out of extreme curiosity, why would you advertise a site that doesn't use phpvms or any va-ms in general?
  3. The iPad simulator? - Is there even an ACARS system for that? I want to mention that, its very doubtful that you will find a real designer/developer to create a custom skin for such a low budget. I recommend using one of the free templates here and learning how to edit it... There are TONS of resources here. OR. All together you may just want to hold out and wait, as the latest version of PHPVMS is in the works.
  4. I tried to recreate this on localhost using xampp.. The closest I got was when I had the wrong SQL type selected. It is my opinion that either you: 1. Are using mySQLi and attempted an install using mySQL, or vice versa. 2. Have created your database as the wrong type or your database user is set to % (any) rather than localhost. 3. Used the wrong credentials.
  5. In order to force an install on 7.0, editing checkinstall.php did nothing. Instead, you can just remove the following lines from install/includes/'Installer.class.php': if($version[0] != '5') { $noerror = false; $type = 'error'; $message = 'You need PHP 5 (your version: '.$version.')'; } else { $type = 'success'; $message = 'OK! (your version:'.$version.')'; } Also, it will throw an error upon completion.. Just ignore it, it seemed to install fine.
  6. Ah I see, hopefully your error is fixed.. 5.5.X is build for 5.5
  7. Looking good. Although, may I recommend replacing the background grey color with... a lighter grey color. - The entire document is way to dark IMO.
  8. There is your problem, you are on a free host. Paid hosts that will work with phpvms are pretty cheap... 5 bucks to test for a month. I'm a bit confused.. are you using PHP 5.6 or 7? Also, I do not believe there is a easy way to pull the acars map up to your front page which is separate from the phpvms install.
  9. Just logged in to say, bravo Mark... amazing skin!
  10. So to answer this... Issue is because your CSS is not linked, because the folder name for the skin was changed. Changed the folder name (I think it was remove -master).
  11. So... What was the fix? I'm getting more or less the same problem.
  12. Uhh... Sparky... that states that Custom Coders has been dissolved not VA Solutions from Tim. Tim is based in the US. If you could, re quote that for custom coders.
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