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  1. Hi, Good afternoon Would need a graphic designer / repainter to paint our fleet.
  2. hello please link dead thank you
  3. Hello, good afternoon compatible module would be some smart cars on penalty pilots on reporting PIREPs. thank you
  4. hello good afternoon I have this problem does not record anything when sending the message to the drivers thanks for the help phpVMS Version simpilot 5.5.2
  5. hello good afternoon how you could solve mails when I assign a medal pilots receive an email but there is nothing written in the mail
  6. thank you very much we use smartcars but it is changing the aircraft for that route
  7. hello good night please help them can not see images awards thank you phpvms 5.5.2
  8. You could add a route for several aircraft thank you
  9. hello how could that pilots can only catch aircraft where they are at that moment I have the problem that aircraft pilots can take part in any greetings thanks phpvms 5.5.2 smartcars
  10. hello good afternoon some solution to this issue please help thank you very much as could fix
  11. hello I get no matter autopirep.sql help please
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