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  1. Hi have that problem too , still trying to figurate it out
  2. Hello , Could you please take a look , it doesnt work : https://gyazo.com/124e903084ef31a4bc74ac5cd7d8cde6
  3. Hi , this is my dashboard any idea ? https://gyazo.com/3240f61119d6f1e12f1ea288acfd5d56 You can check the website at http://crew.aircorsicavirtuel.com/index.php/
  4. sim pilot , It's working now Idk how xD
  5. Hello , I'm using crewcenter skin , my acars map dont show on my pilot main page or /acars , I want to know where to place the google api Cheers Rafael Letras
  6. Hi , I still have the keyapi missing , annyone?
  7. Hello , My maps dont work , was looking for the fix on the forum but it's says to put on corehtml file
  8. Your website is not online here to download the simbrief module , possible to reupload on github?
  9. Hello , I did an install oh phpvms on subdomain , and I have a html template on my main website ( I will switch him to php to put the code ) But I would like to know what code to put to make the database call ( pilots , routes , flights , miles flown etc... ) Cheers Rafael Letras
  10. I need help , I can't make the db calls and the vangelis link is outdated
  11. Hello , I'm the CEO of Air Corsica Virtuel , we liked your acars , possible to get in touch with you to discuss about some features etc?
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