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  1. With the solution of adding a column, i loose all stats before today. The goal is to have all the scheduled flights to have finance sheets for all months since creation of the phpvms website (2016).
  2. Thanks, but in my opinion there's no need to add column. code='xxx' is already used to check scheduled flight. When i test my request in PHPMyAdmin with values instead of $month->ym (ex: month(submitdate)=3) i have the good result. It's this code wich is wrong, and i don't know how do this
  3. I use a personnal ACARS, created only for my company. But I don't see the relationship between ACARS and finance. In my opinion, it's only a problem of database request and PHP.
  4. Hello, In the finance module, it's the total of flights by month wich is mentionned (scheduled flgihts + free flights). But i want to have just scheduled flights to have the right number. How can i do this please ? Actually it's like this (here $month->total return all the flights.) : <td align="center"> <?php echo $month->total; ?> </td> i try this without success : <td align="center"> <?php $scheduledFlights="SELECT COUNT(pirepid) as totalflights FROM phpvms_pireps WHERE month(submitdate)=".$month->ym." and (code='xxx')"; $resultScheduledFlights=DB::get_results($scheduledFlights); $totalScheduledFlights=$resultScheduledFlights[0]->totalflights; echo $totalScheduledFlights; ?> </td> Regards
  5. Hi all, here's the new skin i've made for my VA. Full screen, responsive, mega menu and many other things : http://arcadair.fr/
  6. i've made this, it works for me : <table class="Table"> <!-- entête du tableau --> <thead> <tr> <th>Division - #ligne</th> <th>Dép. ICAO</th> <th>Arr. ICAO</th> <th>Appareil</th> <th>Distance</th> <th>Prix billet</th> <th>Opérations</th> </tr> </thead> <?php $params = array( 's.code' => array ('xxx') ); $schedules = SchedulesData::findSchedules($params); foreach($schedules as $sched){ echo '<tbody>'; echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>'.$sched->code.' - '.$sched->flightnum.'</td> <td>'.$sched->depicao.'</td> <td>'.$sched->arricao.'</td> <td>'.$sched->aircraft.'</td> <td>'.ceil($sched->distance).' nm</td> <td>'.$sched->price.' €</td> <td><a href="'.SITE_URL.'/index.php/schedules/brief/'.$sched->id.'">Briefing</td>'; echo "</tr>"; } echo "</tbody>"; echo "</table>"; ?>
  7. First I've made a folder in core/modules folder with a file containing a class wich extends codonModule. Then in core/templates folder, i've written the code above in a file called by the file in core/module folder. I want an automatisation of differents lists of schedules sorted by company code, on differents pages.
  8. Hi, I want to list schedules by code, as it is in my sql request ($requete). This code is working, but i think it's not the best way to connect to database. Does another way exist to connect to database safely without writing directly username, host, password and dbname ? <table class="myTable"> <!-- entête du tableau --> <thead> <tr> <th>#ligne</th> <th>Dép. ICAO</th> <th>Arr. ICAO</th> <th>Appareil</th> <th>Distance</th> <th>Prix billet</th> <th>Opérations</th> </tr> </thead> <?php $conn = mysqli_connect('host', 'username', 'password', 'dbname'); $requete = "SELECT p.id, p.code, p.flightnum, p.depicao, p.arricao, fullname, p.distance, p.price FROM phpvms_schedules p INNER JOIN phpvms_aircraft a ON p.aircraft=a.id WHERE code='XXX'"; $res = $conn->query($requete); while ($element = mysqli_fetch_array($res)) { echo '<tbody>'; echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>'.$element['code'].' - '.$element['flightnum'].'</td> <td>'.$element['depicao'].'</td> <td>'.$element['arricao'].'</td> <td>'.$element['fullname'].'</td> <td>'.ceil($element['distance']).' nm</td> <td>'.$element['price'].' €</td> <td><a href="'.SITE_URL.'/index.php/schedules/brief/'.$element['id'].'">Briefing</td>'; echo "</tr>"; } echo "</tbody>"; echo "</table>"; ?> Thanks for helping me, Best regards
  9. Hi, I want to copy my phpvms site locally. To do this, i have proceeded like this : 1 - Export of my database. 2 - Create a new database in WAMP with phpmyadmin and import the database. 3 - Download all folders and files with Filezilla and copy this in wamp/www/phpvms_folder. After that, i've changed the following settings in local.config.php : define('DBASE_USER', 'root'); // default login of WAMP define('DBASE_PASS', ''); // default password of WAMP (no password) define('DBASE_NAME', 'db_phpvms'); // The name of my DB locally in phpMyAdmin define('DBASE_SERVER', 'localhost'); define('DBASE_TYPE', 'mysql'); define('TABLE_PREFIX', 'phpvms_'); define('SITE_URL', 'localhost/phpvms_folder'); But with this, i have this when i go in localhost/phpvms_folder i have the following errors : Is someone know where is the problem please ? Best regards
  10. Ok, thank you for this quick answer. I change the version on my VA website.
  11. Hello, i use kACARS v1.0.1.1 with no problems on the website of my VA (no problems with FS9, FSX, X-Plane and P3D except v4). But some pilots fly with P3D V4 and have this error message : These pilots try to use rhe kACARS version with .NET 4.0 and FSUIPC5 as recommanded, but still have this issue. How can i solve this please ?
  12. Sorry for the late answer. I can't do a cron job because it's not a dedicated server. Auto cancellation seems to have a strange behaviour. I've set 48 in the local config file and it works (48 hours delay). But if i set 24 it doesn't work. So i've set 48 hours and it's ok.
  13. Hello, as we have transfered hours from our old website wich was not a phpvms, i would like to add transfer hours to the total hours. How can i do that please ?
  14. Ok, I answer to myself and for the community. If you want to unlock checkin for PIREP, you must edit the core/modules/pirep/pirep.php and erase the 7 lines after "# Only allow for valid routes to be filed" wich check if the PIREP is a scheduled flight.
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