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About Me

Retired Real World USMC fighter pilot, way back in the hay day, lol. 100% disabled now because of it, but of course I'd do it again for sure if I could. I love to fish, camping, bike riding, anything outdoors basically. I am Retired of course, and spend a lot of time now helping when I can peeps in here with skins, programming etc. I am a Web Master which keeps me occupied with my Free time. I enjoy helping others out here in the PHPVMS Forums as much as I can, so ask, the worse answer might be no, but usually I have free time to help. I am the Original previous Owner/CEO of the Old Timers group, or organization, Heritage VA. Yep, we were around for a very long time. I just finished what I think a kewl skin for my New Site, its called;

SeAirTransPorT Virtural Airline & Maritime Co. Yep, thats right , your read it right, I've incorporated Boats/Vessels into our ACARS tracking system. Check out our site, at ; http://seairtransport.net/crewcenter A few more tweaks and our routes and boats will be fully functional very very soon. Thanks again to the developers of PHPVMS for All of your hard work, I myself love what you guys have done, and of course thank you to those who contributed to our cause, we all love it !

On another note, I decided to try mixing a Military Operations with phpvms, wow, to took a little work, but its running GREAT! Tac Pac NOT included, lol. however, seriously, if you spend a little time on the in's and out's of phpvms, its pretty much unlimited for sure, again thanks to that. So give a peek and let me know what you think of the new skin and the new Military OPS I did, don't worry, LOL, I can take it,,,, http://seairtransport.net


Jim L. Founder/Owner: SeAirTransPorT VA & Company.

I enjoy puppy doggies, they ROCK ! Well mine does, just got one, and yeppers full of Hek ! LOL 

We have a saying on our License Plates, which have been around for a very long time, 

"Live Free or Die"   N.H.