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  1. can't get into website https://vmshost.io/ err connection from iphone and PC
  2. What is the link to the ticket?
  3. vmshost was working for a moment but not able to open again.
  4. I just ordered vmshost.io yesterday (Sept. 9th, 2021) as to be my website for renewing my virtual airline. The vmshost.io will not load or open. What the hell is going on?😠 Freightdogcargo CEO
  5. Nevermind. It works with scheduled flights but i'm assuming it does not with charter (non-scheduled) flights.
  6. Can you be more specific on how to do this on the ledger? I have 5.5.2 and the adminpirep and operations from above not making it work. Thanks, Tim
  7. Yes. Miraculously working fine now. Thanks.
  8. Tried to install Version 1.2 and I get this error from FAQ downloaded from Github. We would like to thank you for using our FAQ System Module developed for phpVMS. We are always trying to offer the best solutions for your virtual airlines. The modules we have developed for phpVMS (either freeware or payware) can be found on our website. There is a problem with the server connection. Please contact us.
  9. Having the same issue as well. News not uploading to VaCentral.
  10. Greetings, I'm getting the following error when using the Plugin Manager and selecting any detail on an installed module. The modules install is seems and work so far. Not sure if this error is an issue. Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/.........../public_html/admin/modules/Plugins/Plugins.php on line 87 Thanks, Tim FDC001
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