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  1. OWA001

    Help Me!!

    Hello, my problem is that I have installed version 5.5.x, I had to reinstall it 20 times already but I have the same error, when I enter the routes are not seen, and even the same thing happens with the aircraft. Someone else happens or is it just me in the desert?
  2. Hello, my problem is that I have installed version 5.5.x, I had to reinstall it 20 times already but I have the same error, when I enter the routes are not seen, and even the same thing happens with the aircraft. Someone else happens or is it just me in the desert?

  3. Hello, I bought the module of the aircraft market a long time ago, the mail with which the purchase was made, as I was from the administrator account, (admin@oneworldv.com) it was requested the restitution of the same in CrazyCreatives and only it appears that it has been sent, but no spam or normal mail appears in my account, it appears that it has been sent to me, it can help me if this is the administrator of CrazyCreatives, several contact emails are sent on the web but it seems to be the same result, lost in the system ... Beforehand thank you very much
  4. hello, im use this module, but between to 50 files i want pagination.... <div class="table-responsive"> <table class="table table-hover"> <thead > <tr align="center"> <th>Tipo de Aeronave</th> <th>Matricula</th> <th>Rango</th> <th>Aerolinea</th> <th>Pasajeros</th> <th>Carga Maxima</th> <th>Detalles</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <?php if($aircrafts != null){ foreach($aircrafts as $aircrafts){?> <tr align="center"> <td><?php print $aircrafts->fullname;?></td> <td><?php print $aircrafts->registration;?></td> <td><?php print $aircrafts->range;?> <b>Nm </b></td> <td><?php print $aircrafts->airline;?> </td> <td><?php print $aircrafts->maxpax;?> </td> <td><?php print $aircrafts->maxcargo;?> <b>lbs</b></td> <td><a href="<?php echo url('fleet/view/'.$aircrafts->id); ?>"><button class="btn btn-success">Ver</button></a></td> </tr> <?php }}?> </tbody> </table> <div class="pagination"> <?php $query = "SELECT * FROM phpvms_aircrafts"; $total_registros = $aircrafts->id; $total_pagina = ceil($aircraft->id/'20'); print '<a href="https://oneworldv.com/index.php/fleet?pagina=1">'.' Primera '.'</a>'; for($i=1; $i<=$total_paginas; $i++){ print '<a href="https://oneworldv.com/index.php/fleet?pagina='.$i.'">'.$i.'</a>'; } print '<a href="https://oneworldv.com/index.php/fleet?pagina=$total_paginas">'.' Ultima '.'</a>'; ?> </div> </div> </main> </section> but i cant to run....
  5. I'm sorry, try to see the page in my mobile but only I appeared blank the web, now and saw it on the pc, very good design. looks promising. regards
  6. Now are restarting service, i hope not bad link again.... hahaha internet not is safety.
  7. It's me, why only see white page? Or error my internet. Do you need help?
  8. Yes, a problem is presented with the host provider, (I am waiting for the contract to end because the service has too many problems), as they are doing tests to determine where the error lies.
  9. Welcome to a virtual world We give you the most cordial welcome to a Virtual World, a virtual airline that has a large number of routes available one day around the planet, founded on November 1, 2013, simulating the operations of the different airlines that make up the oneworld alliance One World Virtual is an organization without any lucrative purpose, founded and initially formed by a small group of people with a passion for aerial simulation in a joint community voluntarily to form this virtual company, offering an alternative to the "traditional" of the airlines, in the middle of a pleasant and friendly environment where you can enjoy and share this hobby trying to emulate the best possible airlines and their different flights as well as the operations that are carried out inside the air terminals, inside of flight networks such as VATSIM and IVAO. We have a reliable and interactive management system that takes full control of the company, in the same way we have a dynamic and functional website where pilots can perform multiple tasks. Do not wait any longer, register with us and belong to the great family where you will get the benefits that only One World Virtual can offer you! https://oneworldv.com
  10. Hello mate, if you still have the problem with Captcha, I suggest you change to the previous version, I did it and I do not currently have a problem for it, just change the phpvms version 1.1 the folders concerning the captcha [your site.web] / core / lib / recaptcha, (logically creates a copy of everything before you start), all the files in that folder. The rest is simply changing the recaptcha box like this in the .tpl version. I hope that you serve or this information helps you, for any doubt if I can help you we are in contact. regards
  11. Update; Hello everyone, I have placed the module but it throws me "error!" to give him to send and nothing else happens, someone with the same problem? the module is in my site, in the menu operations / request route https://oneworldv.com/index.php/RouteSubmit
  12. Hey friend, I just thought that you would have problems with your code and it was trying to help you, if you do not want it well, it was only as a courtesy, since if someone tries to register, I would have problems to do so, regards.
  13. Hello friend, I saw your application and apparently you also have the reCaptcha broken, people will not be able to register until you change the condition. Greetings.
  14. I have solved my problem, returning to the previous re-captcha system, until this has solution, just change all the files in the original phpvms folder of Nabeel (phpvms 1.1) and replace them with the 5.5.2 of David Clark (5.5.2) the files show these public_html/core/lib/recaptcha/ *.php (all files) (previus backup folders) public_html/core/modules/Registration/Registration.php public_html/core/templates/registration_mainform.tpl (changed .tpl for .php), the public key and secret key its the same. this a site url. (under construction). http://oneworldv.com
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