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  1. noCaptcha reCaptcha for phpVMS

    Hello mate, if you still have the problem with Captcha, I suggest you change to the previous version, I did it and I do not currently have a problem for it, just change the phpvms version 1.1 the folders concerning the captcha [your site.web] / core / lib / recaptcha, (logically creates a copy of everything before you start), all the files in that folder. The rest is simply changing the recaptcha box like this in the .tpl version. I hope that you serve or this information helps you, for any doubt if I can help you we are in contact. regards
  2. Pilot submitted route

    hey so many thanks, now i have implemented this module from news routes from my partners pilots.
  3. World One Group Is Recruiting

    Hey friend, I just thought that you would have problems with your code and it was trying to help you, if you do not want it well, it was only as a courtesy, since if someone tries to register, I would have problems to do so, regards.
  4. World One Group Is Recruiting

    Hello friend, I saw your application and apparently you also have the reCaptcha broken, people will not be able to register until you change the condition. Greetings.
  5. Check the final post
  6. noCaptcha reCaptcha for phpVMS

    I have solved my problem, returning to the previous re-captcha system, until this has solution, just change all the files in the original phpvms folder of Nabeel (phpvms 1.1) and replace them with the 5.5.2 of David Clark (5.5.2) the files show these public_html/core/lib/recaptcha/ *.php (all files) (previus backup folders) public_html/core/modules/Registration/Registration.php public_html/core/templates/registration_mainform.tpl (changed .tpl for .php), the public key and secret key its the same. this a site url. (under construction). http://oneworldv.com
  7. noCaptcha reCaptcha for phpVMS

    Warning: file_get_contents(): https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /home/oneworl1/public_html/core/lib/recaptcha/recaptchalib.php on line 93Warning: file_get_contents(https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/siteverify?secret=6LcbnwoUAAAAAMIr-2qxPKs2P1uW6Ii9OZGMlAw9&remoteip= failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/oneworl1/public_html/core/lib/recaptcha/recaptchalib.php on line 93 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This is what comes out in my registration form, I tried everything I have suggested in the forum, the installation is new but I have not been able to start the registry. They could help me they are very new in php but old in phpvms
  8. kACARS config

    We have the same error, and install, re-install and reinstall the S O in my host and I still can not have a connection, will the changes of php in the server apache (V7) are the problem? I have used Kacars-free for years, but today the truth is already frustrating that I can not make any flight for 15 days .... HELPME PLEASE!!!
  9. Switch = verify

    This is the screenshot, I get frustrated and delete everything
  10. Switch = verify

    Hello Yesterday I made the last flight using the K-acars, I have not moved anything of configuration and today simply "does not work", if we add to this the problem of the re-captcha system, something is Going through phpvms? Is the best system I have managed but apparently there is not much to do on my part. I appreciate any help because I am a beginner.
  11. Fuel Calculator V_1.1

    Thanks now ready there worked
  12. Hubs page module

    Hey many thanks, the module works very well, can you add the information (a text box) for additional airport information? Thank you again
  13. Kacars_free Switch = Verify error

    How about, I discovered that the Kacars is not working as it should, ie at the time of searching the flight is generated the error not found, which I imagine will be the problem you have, where is the box of the flight number, place it manually and Give him look for flight. That way i've made it work: See http://oneworldv.com/helpdesk/solved.png
  14. Kacars_free Switch = Verify error

    Hello, I have contacted you for a long time to see what Kacars configured for the airline and the cost that would have with modules of lights and Flaps, but I never received the reply mail, I am interested to know the cost This is a recurring error in some of the users of my platform, is there any way to correct it? this a link image http://taesav.org/lib/images/errores/kacars.jpg
  15. C tabuyo He estado testeando la pagina, no he encontrado fallas, aveces el internet va lento pero la carga de la pagina va de marcha en el celular (mientras sean datos porque el wi-fi me deja envejecer que no os das una idea). me imagino que ha de ser por el ancho de banda del usuario que en ratos ha de caer.