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  1. Aiyyy - Happy New All
  2. Mike

    Download module

    I would also be interested in this
  3. Looks good.. no offence though but 11 seconds in there is a spelling mistake, also spelling mistakes in the video description. If you are charging people then a little more attention to detail is needed... please dont take offence, im just pointing it out to you
  4. Yes, we use SmartCARS aswell - works really well for us. We also have a custom Kacars from Jeff,this is only used now for pilots doing long hauls though as it has a afk function built in. Would highly recommend smartCARS though, all of our pilots love it And yes, all the best to Jeff aswell, hope the personal problems get sorted out.
  5. Oh, my bad... I just had to put a line in my .htaccess to get it to run php from inside a html
  6. Thanks Vangelis but if I copy that code directly into a .html file it will not work.... put it into a .tpl and it will work but I want to get it working in a .html page
  7. Hi all, Im sure i have seen this somewhere before on the forums but I must be searching the wrong terms because I cant find what Im looking for. Im wondering how to get these commands: <?php MainController::Run('Vatsim', 'create_vatsim_data', '!CLIENTS:', 'PILOT', ''); ?> to work in a html file?
  8. Fantastic... this has just sorted my problems. Site is running like a rocket now - will just have to manually send the pireps to VA- Central but would much rather do that then have a slow site. Many Thanks!! :)
  9. Great that done it Many Thanks Just purchased the Charter Centre and Tours aswell the other day... very good addons
  10. Morning, Is there any way that the number of images that appear can be increased? There are currently 2 rows of 4 but how to increase? Have tried editing files but it doesnt seem to work? Many Thanks
  11. Hi Chase, I recognise those images at the bottom - your welcome
  12. Arr not to worry... guess you must still be busy. Decided to spend the day yesterday learning how to do the NGX and came up with this for a 1st attempt.....
  13. Hi Adem, Contacted you back in March but think you were busy with uni? Still interested... would be for PMDG 737-800WL and Airbus X Extended.
  14. Never mind... that bit of css code done the trick... just needed to reload the site after clearing temp internet files Cheers Eddie
  15. Looks like you have sorted yours... can you or someone tell me how you got the page numbers horizontal instead of vertical? Have a look at mine... they are underneath each other... what do I have to change to get the page numbers next to each other? http://bbn-airways.co.uk/index.php/Screenshots
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