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      New Website Skin   11/17/17

      Hello Guys, I have changed my website's skin to bootstrap version. Please check it out here and let me know if your need the skin. Regards Parkho


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    flight sim, FSX SE, Virtual Airlines, camping, learn about phpvms, build / rebuild my Va.

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  1. Quotes Please

    Hi Guys, I've brought a Va, and i'm looking for someone to help me get it up and going. I have hosting, domain, php files, SQL and vabase. What would the cost be if anyone is free to help? Please PM me Thanks
  2. teamspeak3 or discord

    Hi ProAvia, That's great, thanks for this Ill check it out.
  3. teamspeak3 or discord

    Hi All, I was looking for a chat platform for our virtual airline. Id like to use teamspeak3 as the privacy policy isn't that great for Discord but as my service provider only provides dynamic IP address i'm a little stuck with my choice. Has anyone had the same issue as me and been able to get around it? any help welcome
  4. Do I or Don't I

    Thanks guys. I have a look tonight and think on whats best for me.
  5. Do I or Don't I

    Hi Mischka, Thank you for your feed back it greatly appreciated. No i haven't learnt coding skills. Is this something I can learn online or am i best to find someone to help me? Where do I find someone that can help me? Many Thanks
  6. Do I or Don't I

    Hi Guys, I wanting to get more involved with a Va. I'm not sure If I make my own or buy a already going Va. Would you be able to help me with some pros and cons, whats the average cost of setting one up or whats the average cost of buying one already going. Many Thanks