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  1. where i can find the discord of phpvms?
  2. hey after i open the subdomain and i insert all the files and folder needs by the book, i get error: "This page isnt working" xxx is currently unable to handle this request. http error 500
  3. hello, im stuck in the installation of phpvms version 7 please someone can help me install this. i will give him symbolic payment for the helping. please pm me.
  4. i would like to know where i can find the $page_content file? i want to add some php code to all the website, but in the layout its not work correctly.
  5. hello guys, i want to do a also connection to pdo in the php and i will like to know where is the best place in the code that it will affected of all the modules.
  6. Hey you have some ideas to solve this issue?
  7. Yeah i have toppilot module, i was tried to do something and still the problem wasnt solved, I change the name of the phpvms_pireps query to phpvms_archive_pireps . and create phpvms_pireps new one with same parameters but still the pireps is send to the system but with error.
  8. this is what the hosting supporter send to me : "On the shared hosting environment there isn't a way to tweak the my.cnf file only for a specific user. This could be done if you have a VPS or a dedicate server where you are not sharing resources with other users but you have them allocated only to you. Could you provide me with a bit more information about the query that you are having and what those people advised you? "
  9. From what I have checked I cannot install it on my hosting company does not approve
  10. Where I can find this file i search all over the cpanel and the ftp and i didnt found it.
  11. Hey mark, Actually i have 33000 pireps, Dont really understand you can you explain yourself a little bit more? Like how i can increase database memory
  12. Hello everyone, In the last month Im having some weird problems with ACARS, I have smartCARS and KACARS and suddenly when the pilots wants to send their pireps into the website they getting errors. In smartCARS : "Pirep filling error:The virtual airlines web server didn't confirm the pirep filling property with smartcars. This doesn't always mean that the pirep wasn't filed. Please verify that the pirep was filed on the airlines website. If it was filed, please click the cancel button on the acars tab cancel your flight. If it wasn't filed, please try again by clicking "file pirep" " In KCARS : There is no physical error but there is some sound that the pirep isn't send to the website. The weird problem in the both of them that everytime there are errors but sometimes the pirep is send to the website even with the error and sometime the pirep wasnt send to the website. Please help me figure it out my pilots gets crazy about that. I thought maybe there is a problem with the host but the hosting support can't understand me if i dont give him the problem. Thanks everyone.
  13. if I have smartcars than how I did it?
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