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  1. Update 13/10/2019: I got a response today from George he is back in action....
  2. I have opened the ticket on 13/06/2019 and till date no response from george!! very much Alerting situation no more support from PHP Mods??
  3. Dear Members, We have recently introduced some Airlines which is having huge number of schedules/routes, now the problem is when pilots trying to search any schedule page is taking so much time to load in some cases page timeout error comes in how can we optimise the schedules result page what can be best solution. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Dear George, i have been trying to contact your support team from past many days now, can you please respond back to those open tickets on top priority please. Regards Irfaan Khan
  5. Expansion plan with PIA Virtual Continues,,,, We as Team of PIA Virtual are dedicated to realism and creating something for the Pilots, enhancing the Operation and value of needs and desire of its own kind. In the 1st Phase, we have launched the Emirates Virtual to carry out, all its mainline routes in and out of Dubai to link the network across the globe. We just launched the FlyDubai Operation with the most famous and common modern Boeing next generation fleet with so many wonderful destinations from short to Medium haul routes. Air Canada is also in streamline to start the Operation as an (Interline) service, followed by Turkish Airlines (Interline), Malaysian Airlines (Interline), Air France (Interline) and American Airlines on it's own. come and join us to experiment one of the best Airlines of the world @piavirtual.org Thanks & Best Regards PIAVirtual Admin Team
  6. Dear Members, Actually our frond end page is under development work in progress soon will be able to have frond end page, sorry for inconvenience caused. Best Regards Irfaankhan
  7. On behalf of Executive management of PIAv, Welcome to PIA VIRTUAL all the pilots, PIA Virtual are Introducing Operations with Emirates Connecting the World with better and smoother connections. We are Introducing into vEmirates operations with connectivity and Real time Schedules to meet customer timeline and frequency to enhance Virtual Flying Experience. It gives us great pleasure to better the Flying Experience for our Pilots with more famous and world renowned routes and destinations. Pilots are eligible to fly with Captain Ranks and Commander only to be able to run and opearte a flight on to this operation. We are using State of the Art Boeing Aircraft fleet with two variants B77W, B77L and Airbus A380 Super, almost around the globe. It gives you flexibility to be able to fly in and out of Dubai to these fantastic destination with Emirates and explore the world with newer look and style. http://icrew.piavirtual.org
  8. Guys, Whosoever is trying to install Latest version of Phpvms, make sure your hosting supports PHP 7.0 in my case for the install i have added the below code in htaccess file within phpvms folder to get the install working also make sure to place the folder in the root of your directory example /home/yourwebdirectoryname not in public_html folder. below line added in .htaccess file in order to make new version working, make sure to ask your hosting company if they supports PHP 7.0 version AddHandler application/x-httpd-php70 .php7 .php5 .php4 .php .php3 .php2 .phtm New Look https://prntscr.com/hyfq8h hope this will help some people.
  9. Dear Nabeel, Thanks for the response, i have sorted out the issue as you explained did reinstall and it worked. BTW best of luck for this amazing looking project. Best Regards Irfaan Khan
  10. Hi, Nabeel i have tried installing latest version as per provided instructions i have done below steps to install it. i am having shared hosting environment & created subdomain Installed the latest ver from https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms/archive/master.zip uploaded the same to public_html and extracted it now phpvms folder is next to public_html folder changes done in the index.php but i doubt which line needs to be changed below is my file <?php /** * phpVMS */ $path_to_phpvms_folder = __DIR__; require $path_to_phpvms_folder.'/bootstrap/autoload.php'; $app = require_once $path_to_phpvms_folder.'/bootstrap/app.php'; $path_to_phpvms_folder = __DIR__.'/../phpvms/'; $app->setPublicUrlPath(env('APP_PUBLIC_URL', '/public')); $kernel = $app->make(Illuminate\Contracts\Http\Kernel::class); $response = $kernel->handle( $request = Illuminate\Http\Request::capture() ); $response->send(); $kernel->terminate($request, $response); Next, open the phpvms/bootstrap/app.php, and change the reverse path: My file <?php if(!defined('LUMEN_START')) { define('LUMEN_START', microtime(true)); } include_once __DIR__ . '/application.php'; $app = new Application(); $app->bindInterfaces(); $app->bind('path.public', function () { # This line needs to change to the folder the index.php lives in # Will be made as an option, so it doesn't get overwritten return __DIR__.'/../../public_html'; }); now when i am pointing to my subdomain it gives me HTTP500 error. Regards Irfaan Khan
  11. Hello, You will get all your answers in the below posts.
  12. hi guys can you please assist, i have installed everything properly as per the instructions given in Read me file and it was working fine but i changed the template to work with my website skin it is giving this error nothing happens when click Generate OFP. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined at do_simbriefsubmit (simbrief.apiv1.js:116) at simbriefsubmit (simbrief.apiv1.js:86) at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (5273:918) do_simbriefsubmit @ simbrief.apiv1.js:116 simbriefsubmit @ simbrief.apiv1.js:86 onclick @ 5273:918 Regards Irfaan Khan
  13. it was built in function in phpVMS nothing i have done just changed the pilot profile status to Banned & there you go pilot will not able to login until you activate the account.
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