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  1. Guys, Whosoever is trying to install Latest version of Phpvms, make sure your hosting supports PHP 7.0 in my case for the install i have added the below code in htaccess file within phpvms folder to get the install working also make sure to place the folder in the root of your directory example /home/yourwebdirectoryname not in public_html folder. below line added in .htaccess file in order to make new version working, make sure to ask your hosting company if they supports PHP 7.0 version AddHandler application/x-httpd-php70 .php7 .php5 .php4 .php .php3 .php2 .phtm New
  2. Dear Nabeel, Thanks for the response, i have sorted out the issue as you explained did reinstall and it worked. BTW best of luck for this amazing looking project. Best Regards Irfaan Khan
  3. Hi, Nabeel i have tried installing latest version as per provided instructions i have done below steps to install it. i am having shared hosting environment & created subdomain Installed the latest ver from https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms/archive/master.zip uploaded the same to public_html and extracted it now phpvms folder is next to public_html folder changes done in the index.php but i doubt which line needs to be changed below is my file <?php /** * phpVMS */ $path_to_phpvms_folder = __DIR__; require $path_to_phpvms_folder.'/bootstrap/autoload.
  4. Hello, You will get all your answers in the below posts.
  5. hi guys can you please assist, i have installed everything properly as per the instructions given in Read me file and it was working fine but i changed the template to work with my website skin it is giving this error nothing happens when click Generate OFP. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined at do_simbriefsubmit (simbrief.apiv1.js:116) at simbriefsubmit (simbrief.apiv1.js:86) at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (5273:918) do_simbriefsubmit @ simbrief.apiv1.js:116 simbriefsubmit @ simbrief.apiv1.js:86 onclick @ 5273:918 Regards Irfaan Khan
  6. it was built in function in phpVMS nothing i have done just changed the pilot profile status to Banned & there you go pilot will not able to login until you activate the account.
  7. Hi Guys i am trying to block pilots having Inactive or Retired status not able to login until admin activate the account. Any idea please. thanks in advance Irfaan Khan
  8. Custom module is a solution i think will contact you through PM. thanks Irfaan Khan
  9. i agree with you t_berman but just for people information not to get confused with new phpvms3 page one notification bar should be placed on main page. that is my personal suggestion. Anyways thanks
  10. if i change the name and modify the module files how i will set the system based on invitation what mechanism will be in place to do the registrations. any idea please
  11. Simpilot Should update this information on main page of phpvms3 so people should not get confused.
  12. i am afraid that will not work as many of the pilots know by just entering direct URL to the registration page they can access it normally. i wanted to restrict the page by any means it should not open only by certain criteria users can access. i know this is do able but need some expert advise. please help guys.
  13. Hello i would like to restrict our VA registration page based on below points. Registration can only be possible based on email invitation otherwise people should not able to access registration page. somehow we wanted to block our registration page for the new users. any ideas or help will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  14. Kepp up the good work Vangelis nice additions....
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