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  1. Hey guys. My va is currently on a 200 concurrent SQL connection. Im thinking of upgrading to fivedev hosting as they offer 1000 concurrent sql connection. My VA pilot has only 60 pilots, at 1200 schedules. 190 fleet. May i know if 200 concurrent SQL connection is enough at the moment. My pilots everyday i get around 6 flyers. Unless events, we can get up till 15 pilots at most. Hope to get your feedback!
  2. I'm planning to make a mobile version of my VA. I have a background of programming but im not sure where to start using phpvms especially PHP. I know android uses java and im familiar with that but do i have to have use php and connect it to the server and get everything similar to the PHPVMS php? Hope to get help from experience developer to share!
  3. Hey guys, I have a question, how do i let my pilots register with a default pilot ID? Meaning, lets say i want my VA registration to be MIK as default and my airline ICAO will be MAS or AXM? I am currently using Ocean blue skin. Can i any guide me how to achieve this?
  4. QPilot

    Can't approve all PIREP

    Hello, i am having an issue right now. Whenever i press the "Approve all" PIREP, i get this error " Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ac1vpjmyzpzr/public_html/admin/modules/PIREPAdmin/PIREPAdmin.php on line 120 ". I cannot also approve individual PIREP. Nothing will happen when i approve. When i delete PIREP, i refresh the page and the PIREPs will still be there. How do i solve this ? Phpvms version - 5.5.x PHPVersion - 5.6 ( tried 5.5 but none works )
  5. QPilot

    Changing website URL

    How do i change my website URL? Basically my website is in this format http://mywebsite/index.php/login. so i made a maintainence page. How do i autoload it to that maintainence page? or basically change it to be index.php/maintainence ?
  6. QPilot

    How do i hide login?

    Hey guys, how do i hide my website login url? Example www.mywebsite/index.php/login is my login page. how do i change that to something else like www.mywebsite/login or just www.mywebsite.com without having the login name or index.php in my url ?
  7. QPilot

    Changing skin without accessing admin panel

    Got it work thanks!
  8. I am currently changing my skin and i believe the only option is to access the admin panel. But after changing the skin, i cant log in back as the skin doesnt have a log in page. Meaning, i screwed up installing the skin and i didnt like it. Is there any way for me to change my skin like editing the config or something rather than having me to access the admin panel. I try the website/admin but i keep getting please login first. But the thing is i cannot log in at all!
  9. QPilot

    New Log/Acars Software APVacars

    I can't get any flight either too! FSUIPC connected but i can't get any flights. Already bid a flight though.
  10. Btw, i managed to solve by installing windows 10 SDK. The next thing is, i press get flight but it shows nothing. I already bid a flight
  11. Yes i already did. I have windows 10 too. I can't debug it tho
  12. So me and my friend is currently testing our VA. We are using firecrew skin. The problem is that when ive done with my flight, it still showing my name even after i file my pirep and after i exit the kAcars. Any help?
  13. Can you send me your file if you dont mind?
  14. Already did but i think its an old.version. im getting sdktoolpath error.
  15. So i have already installed phpvms on my site. Whats next for me is to allow kacars to connect to my website and file pirep. Is there any instruction or anyone free to guide me?