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  1. Maybe you can use some sql queries to assign subfleets to flights after the import, it still may need manual corrections or some faulty assignments to be checked/fixed manually. But other than importing your flights via csv files (with fleet details) I can not think of an easy end user solution/workaround. Export your flights (either from v5 or v7, by airline if possible) Edit those exported csv files to meet v7's requirements and by some tools (like excel or similar) assign your subfleets to flights in that csv Import the flights Good luck
  2. Example; Remove the special-user by clicking the small x, Then click on the (blue) blank role I mentioned above, it is invisible but there, just hover your mouse there and it will be highlighted like the picture above. Then save It should work
  3. Hi, There is a blank option (smaller than others, first item of the list) in role selection dropdown, you need to remove their admin role (or other roles) and then add that blank to reset given roles. Need the logs for the server error as ProAvia mentioned, without logs no one can help you. Fleets can be restricted by rank or type ratings (check settings and admin definitions), frontend follows the restrictions (so does vmsAcars) and pilots do NOT see something they are NOT allowed to use, no override logic for admins (or staff). Hope this helps
  4. Don't share your API KEY publicly. Since it is known (and cached by computers/bots), I would suggest changing it from your VA's website > profile page. For the rest (SimConnect problem), yes moving the installation may have the reason for this, some references may not updated properly, some key may still be pointing out to old folders/locations. It can simply be an antivirus or firewall software problem too, be sure your firewall allows two way, in/out connections and you don't have any access restrictions for the location of MSFS. More info can be provided the developer only, hope it sees and finds time to inspect your logs. Good luck
  5. I think you know that the basic license is also one time payment and license is issued to your domain (like myvirtualairline.com) and usage will be free for all your pilots. And once you want to add the premium features you can upgrade easily (again with a one time payment) And phpvms v7 is free of charge, you can plan your budget to get the domain and hosting first, install v7 freely, test it with manual pireps, prepare your theme/skin etc and next month you can buy vmsAcars, then on the other premium upgrade etc. Safe flights
  6. I can not speak for the developer but as far as I know, basics functions will be always included in normal license, but customizations like visuals, custom rules, airline specific sound sets etc. will be available to premium licenses owners only. And again, as far as I know, you can opt-in with basic license, and when you have some more budget you can upgrade to premium, as it will be a one time payment Safe flights
  7. Works fine on my end (not using v2/v5 though), same source being used for the RSS feed... So it can be server/code related on your end.
  8. Those lines are examples, but in theory they go in some files placed on your landing page/site. If it is a wordpress site then you can have some easy (gui) tools to place them. On any solution you need to write the codes to show/display the results returned via api endpoints on your desired pages. You can check https://turksim.net or https://thyva.com for custom (hand made templates), https://sunexpressvirtual.com for a wordpress placement of api returned results. Even if I send you files from Turksim, they will not fit in your landing site's design, this is why custom design is needed. Hope this helps a little bit, good luck.
  9. Looks like you are mixing aircraft with subfleet, they are different and their csv import formats are different. Aircraft.csv example for a subfleet (type code B773-STW) subfleet,iata,icao,hub_id,airport_id,name,registration,fin,hex_code,selcal,dow,zfw,mtow,mlw,status,simbrief_type B773-STW,773,B773,,LTAI,TC-GRU,TC-GRU,,69d85fa9,,,,299370,,A, B773-STW,773,B773,,LTAI,TC-GRV,TC-GRV,,345d53b1,,,,299370,,A, B773-STW,773,B773,,LTAI,TC-GRY,TC-GRY,,80f72b67,,,,299370,,A, Subfleet.csv example for this subfleet airline,hub_id,type,simbrief_type,name,fuel_type,cost_block_hour,cost_delay_minute,ground_handling_multiplier,fares,ranks STW,LTAI,B773-STW,,"Boeing B777-300",1,2560,,125,Y?capacity=550;CGO?capacity=21500, If the 3rd party developer does not provide an aircraft.csv you should generate one for yourself or request support from them to provide some data. Good luck
  10. If possible try something from php8.2 series to be sure ('cause php8.3 support is not official at the moment so eliminate that risk) And I assume your docker has a compatible database server, like mysql or mariadb and it is configured + running. This looks like a db issue to me. Good luck
  11. Looks like this is a classic CORS (Cross Origin Scripting) error to me, check your browser console when the error happens, you will see the error live. Also please check the forum for problems regarding airport dropdowns, discord has the same/similar solutions provided. Main reasons: http vs https difference, app_url definition, ssl redirection, wrong url being used etc. Good luck
  12. I explained the reasons of that error to your VA's Admin... You have scenery scanning problems. Send your acars log to your admin for support Safe flights
  13. As ProAvia wrote, there a no stored html pages for anything in v7, almost everything is dynamic and database driven (except fixed stuff to deal with the data provided and render the end results). Only way to edit those "pages" is the admin panel, which offers you a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type editor. You can prepare something outside (in an html editor) maybe and then copy paste the code to that editors "code" section. Other than this, you need to design is visually. What can be done, at best, is editing the relevant file rendering those pages, put some conditional checks in it and when a page is loaded then it can behave differently according to that page. Imagine it like, when you create a page named "fleet" and another one named "rules", you can have a different design for these two with this. Data will be provided by v7 but the look of the page will be different (up to a point of course) If you want real fixed pages, with separate and hand coded blade/php files (yes, they need to be like mypage.blade.php) then you need to have your own custom module for them. Hope this helps, good luck
  14. What does the log says ? You need to share it to get support I am trying to help one of your friends, probably the admin for the same error. Simply your server is not accepting requests (according to the log your friend provided), so if you can share your log, which can be found on acars/logs folder, we can have a look and compare it for similarities.
  15. Simple logic to see what is needed is to create a manual pirep or check an acars pirep directly from the database, then you can prepare your old data to match the new fields and import via some sql queries. Or of course you can write a custom module, utilizing laravel features to make it more complex if you wish. Most important things is the data units, flight (pirep) times are in minutes and all weight / fuel values are in pounds (lbs) for phpvms v7 database (regardless what you select for display). Also you may need to match your old pilot id's in those pireps with new user_id's you have in your system (don't mix them up with idents, I am talking about the real database indexed id numbers of users) Then you may need to match your old airline codes with your new airline_id's to have more matches / reflecting details. You can probably use the same timestamps for created_at, submitted_at, updated_at fields of v7, it will not harm the system but if you have detailed times you can use them too (created_at is the time a flight is started, submitted_at is the the it gets filed etc.) Pirep type (manual/acars), pirep state, pirep status can be same for all these imported all pireps. In theory if you can match the pilot id's with their old pireps, nightly cron can re-calculate their pirep counts and times according to that data (pilots will be happy). What you will lose is financial details of those pireps (can be done if you want to go that deep but I think this is not important compared to the pirep itself), and detailed acars data (like logs, flown points etc) you may have in that old system. Good luck
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