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  1. Add the following to lib/js/acarsmap.js var weatherLayer = new google.maps.weather.WeatherLayer({ temperatureUnits: google.maps.weather.TemperatureUnit.FAHRENHEIT }); weatherLayer.setMap(map); var cloudLayer = new google.maps.weather.CloudLayer(); cloudLayer.setMap(map);
  2. CPC900, You can modify the SQL Query to do SMF. If you post the SMF Post table schema here I would be happy to modify it for you.
  3. ahh the original skin uses the h3 tag so you would change the color inside the h3 {} CSS Tag
  4. look at styles.css You will see a body{} section. Inside this add color: #8FD8D8;
  5. Hi Guys, I am a Freelance web and applications developer specializing in PHP, Android and iPhone OS. I am offering my services to you for your development needs. I am based in Scotland, United Kingdom and can provide you a quote if you PM or E-mail me your needs. All code that I provide to you as my client will be copyright to you or your VA. I will only reserve a copy of the code for Maintenance and Modifications. All light code modifications will be provided free of charge. Contact Details : - E-Mail : affix_at_affix_dot_me - Skype : fiveswitch
  6. My hobbies are Coding in C, ASM, PHP, Ruby and Python I also enjoy playing guitar and flying real world
  7. To get a random screenshot you would need to do $screenshot = ScreeshotsData::get_random_screenshot(); // This will return a mySQL Row with the screenshot data
  8. Heres a snippet I use to get the last 5 posts from phpBB to display in my side bar <?php require_once('/path/to/forum/config.php'); $link = mysql_connect($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpasswd); mysql_select_db($dbname, $link); $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `phpbb_posts` ORDER BY `post_id` DESC LIMIT 5", $link); while($r = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo "<a href=\"http://www.domain.tld/forum/viewtopic.php?p=" . $r['post_id'] . "\">" . $r['post_subject'] . "</a><br />"; } ?>
  9. If you are using the default style as your base its done in the style.css file #innerwrapper { width: 970px; background: #fff; float: right; } The above line is the code that defines the page wrapper. You should change the width to your desired width in Pixels, em, or Percentage of the Page.
  10. GLOBAL AIR Virtual Airlines has arrived. After the devastation on January 13, 2013 of the former Atlas Virtual Airlines website from a hack, GLOBAL AIR very quickly established itself. Literally with hours of the Atlas site going down, administrators were busy uploading schedules, re-establishing airport and fleet files, and accepting registrations from former Atlas pilots. Seven flights were flown that day, and GLOBAL continues to grow and attract new people. Based in Frankfurt, GLOBAL has hubs in New York, Los Angeles, and St. Maartin International in the Caribbean. Future hubs are planned in Asia, Australia and South Africa. We have an extensive schedule of over four hundred and sixty routes, from Hawaii, across Canada and the continental United states, spanning the Atlantic and covering Europe with stops in Morocco and Egypt. Our fleet consists of turbo-props to the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, with everyone's favourite aircraft in between. We even have a fully refurbished Boeing 737-300 with a wonderfully functioning new autopilot designed and maintained in-house. GLOBAL's operating philosophy remains the same: easy to join, no hold-backs from aircraft because of rank or flying experience, fly as many hours as you like, for as long as you like; our rules are deliberately kept to a minimum. There is little emphasis on examinations, though they are available to those who wish to expand their knowledge and become qualified in certain areas of GLOBALVA aviation. GLOBAL believes flight simulation should be fun, and we emphasize this by hosting our own IRC channel on the flightgear.org net where pilots and administrators mingle and chat, answer questions and help one another along. We have two qualified Air Traffic Controllers who regularly host training sessions, so you learn how to do thing right, and to feel comfortable when eventually venturing into the world of virtual air traffic simulation (VATSIM.) At GOBAL, we offer simplicity, direction, choice and challenge. http://www.globalvirtualair.com
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