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  1. Hi guys, is possible to find with the number of flight "schedules" the schedule briefing? I have this problem, compare the event ->schedule with the "flight number" in schedules on my phpvms system
  2. Hello, with the release 5.5 the ranks are calculated with the totalhours is possible calculate the ranks by totalhours + transferhours? If i put on Dbase the number of totalhours + transferhours when recalculate the ranks the system put only the totalhours Thanks
  3. Warning: file_get_contents(http://www.pcflyer.net/DataFeed/vatsim-data.txt): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! in /web/htdocs/www.virtualiroma.it/home/newvar/core/modules/LiveFlights/LiveFlights.php on line 38
  4. I try to modify url fopen in Off but i have the same problem
  5. I have upgrade the version of phpvms to 5.5 when i call the function screenshots i have this error Fatal error: Class 'Pagination' not found in C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC9\data\localweb\newvar\lib\skins\devoops\Screenshots\screenshots_viewer.php on line 3
  6. when i start the update i have this error Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC9\data\localweb\newvar\core\classes\ezdb\ezdb_mysqli.class.php on line 241
  7. Hello , if I install the 5.5 by creating a new database I see in Site Admin & Settings general Activity logs etc etc , if you use the old database of my company in Site settings & I only see Profile Fields and About phpvms
  8. also for me same error. Strict Standards: Non-static method SchedulesData::setBidOnSchedule() should not be called statically in C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC11\data\localweb\newvar\core\common\SchedulesData.class.php on line 785 Bid added public static function addBid($pilotid, $routeid) { $pilotid = DB::escape($pilotid); $routeid = DB::escape($routeid); if (DB::get_row('SELECT bidid FROM ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'bids WHERE pilotid=' . $pilotid . ' AND routeid=' . $routeid)) { return false; } $pilotid = DB::escape($pilotid); $routeid = DB::escape($routeid); $sql = 'INSERT INTO ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'bids (pilotid, routeid, dateadded) VALUES (' . $pilotid . ', ' . $routeid . ', NOW())'; DB::query($sql); self::setBidOnSchedule($routeid, DB::$insert_id); if (DB::errno() != 0) return false; return true; }
  9. I have this error Strict Standards: Non-static method SchedulesData::setBidOnSchedule() should not be called statically in C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC9\data\localweb\newvar\core\common\SchedulesData.class.php on line 785 Bid added
  10. I tried with the above but nothing I plugged in the script file core_htmlhead <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.2/jquery.min.js"></script> but the system answe "No route passed"
  11. Hi Tom, if I remove the call, menus do not work , if I use the call phpvms, menus do not work too because Bootstrap's Javascript requires jQuery version 1.9.1 or higher,
  12. Hello everyone, I'm doing the new skin using Bootstrap for my company, but I have some serious problems. In layout.tpl file I need to call jquery.js <code> <script src = "<? php echo SITE_URL?> / lib / skins / Virtualiroma2 / js / jquery.js"> </ script> </ code> Most likely the script is in conflict with that in the file called core_htmlread.tpl <script type = "text / javascript"> var baseurl = "<? php echo SITE_URL;?>"; GeoURL var = "<? php echo GEONAME_URL;?>"; </ script> <link rel = "stylesheet" media = "all" type = "text / css" href = "<? php echo fileURL ('lib / css / phpvms.css')?>" /> <meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "text / html; charset = <? php echo Config :: Get ('page_encoding');?>" /> <script type = "text / javascript" src = "http://ajax.googleap...jquery.min.js"> </ script> <script type = "text / javascript" src = "http://ajax.googleap...ery-ui.min.js"> </ script> <script type = "text / javascript" src = "http://maps.google.c...s?sensor=true"> </ script> <script type = "text / javascript" src = "<? php echo fileURL ('lib / js / jquery.form.js');?>"> </ script> <script type = "text / javascript" src = "<? php echo fileURL ('lib / js / phpvms.js');?>"> </ script> <script type = "text / javascript" src = "<? php echo fileURL ('lib / js / jquery.dataTables.js');?>"> </ script> <? php echo $ MODULE_HEAD_INC; If you recall from the script file layout.tpl when I try to book a flight "addbid" the system responds with "no route passed". If off the script, the system works properly. Does anyone know how to help me upgrade JQuery or if there is any solution? I tried to search the forum, there are many similar post but was not able to solve the problem. Thank You and Good Year 2015 to all
  13. Hi to All !! How is possible have only the join date and not the hours ? If i put <?php echo $userinfo->joindate;?> The result is: 2008-03-25 01:00:00 I need only 2008-03-25 Thanks
  14. Solved Thanks !! cgi.fix_pathinfo to 1 ARUBA Server ... Thanks
  15. Hello everyone, I would change the version of php on my server from 5.2 to 5.3 but when I try to do it and I click on a link I get a blank page that says "No input file specified". The Home works but not all links Can anyone help me? thanks
  16. I try but Promo code is expired or does not exist
  17. Sorry Vangelis, but how i call the http://www.virtualiroma.it/newvar/index.php/liveflights?cs=VAR with <?php MainController::Run I need call the module with the variable VAR
  18. Ok but how i must try to try? I must run this http://www.virtualiroma.it/newvar/index.php/liveflights?cs=VAR in my TPL. Is possible or not? the code of module is: <?php class liveflightsonline extends CodonModule { public function index() { ?> <script src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=true" type="text/javascript"></script> <?php //randomize servers //$serv[] = "http://nl1.www.ivao.aero/whazzup.txt"; //$serv[] = "http://am1.www.ivao.aero/whazzup.txt"; $serv[] = "http://api.ivao.aero/getdata/whazzup/whazzup.txt"; $serv[] = "http://api.ivao.aero/getdata/whazzup/whazzup.txt"; srand ((double) microtime() * 1000000); $randomserv = rand(0,count($serv)-1); $servers = $serv[$randomserv]; //readin whazzup.txt $file = file($servers); $explode = explode(":", $line); ?> <table width="93%" border="1" align="center" > <tr> <td colspan="11" align="center" > <center><img src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=48.41, 9.8&size=480x300 <?php foreach($file as $line) { if(strpos($line,$_GET['cs']) === 0){ list($callsign,$vid,$realname,$clienttype,$frequency,$latitude,$longitude,$altitude,$groundspeed, $planned_aircraft,$planned_tascruise,$planned_depairport,$planned_altitude,$planned_destairport, $server,$protrevision,$rating,$transponder,$facilitytype,$visualrange,$planned_revision, $planned_flighttype,$planned_deptime,$planned_actdeptime,$planned_hrsenroute,$planned_minenroute, $planned_hrsfuel,$planned_minfuel,$planned_altairport,$planned_remarks,$planned_route, $planned_depairport_lat,$planned_depairport_lon,$planned_destairport_lat,$planned_destairport_lon, $atis_message,$time_last_atis_received,$time_connected,$client_software_name,$client_software_version, $adminrating,$atc_or_pilotrating,$planned_altairport2,$planned_typeofflight,$planned_pob,$true_heading,$onground)=explode(":",$line) ?> &markers=color:blue%7Clabel:P%7C<?php echo $latitude ?>, <?php echo $longitude ?>&sensor=true<?php }} ?>" alt="Map Not Available!" /></center> </td> </tr> </table> <table> <table border="0"> <?php foreach($file as $line) { if(strpos($line,$_GET['cs']) === 0){ list($callsign,$vid,$realname,$clienttype,$frequency,$latitude,$longitude,$altitude,$groundspeed, $planned_aircraft,$planned_tascruise,$planned_depairport,$planned_altitude,$planned_destairport, $server,$protrevision,$rating,$transponder,$facilitytype,$visualrange,$planned_revision, $planned_flighttype,$planned_deptime,$planned_actdeptime,$planned_hrsenroute,$planned_minenroute, $planned_hrsfuel,$planned_minfuel,$planned_altairport,$planned_remarks,$planned_route, $planned_depairport_lat,$planned_depairport_lon,$planned_destairport_lat,$planned_destairport_lon, $atis_message,$time_last_atis_received,$time_connected,$client_software_name,$client_software_version, $adminrating,$atc_or_pilotrating,$planned_altairport2,$planned_typeofflight,$planned_pob,$true_heading,$onground)=explode(":",$line) ?> <tr> <td width="63"><div align="center"><a href="<?php echo SITE_URL; ?>/index.php/liveflights/track?cs=<?php echo $callsign; ?>" target="_blank"><?php echo $callsign ?></a></div></td> <td width="165"> <div align="center"> <?php if (strlen($realname)>=30) echo (substr($realname, 0, 30))."..."; else echo $realname ?> </div></td> <td width="33"><div align="center"><?php echo $planned_depairport ?></div></td> <td width="78"><div align="center"><?php echo $planned_destairport ?></div></td> <td width="101"><div align="center"><?php echo (substr($planned_aircraft, 2, 6)) ?></div></td> <td width="91"><div align="center"><?php echo $groundspeed ?></div></td> <td width="88"><div align="center"><?php echo $altitude ?></div></td> <td><div align="center"> <?php if ($groundspeed=="0") echo 'Gate Open'; elseif ($altitude>="12000") echo 'En Route'; else echo 'Departing/Arriving'; ?> </div></td> </tr> <?php } } ?> </table> <?php // server in use //echo $serv[$randomserv]?> <?php } public function track() { ?> <?php //randomize servers //$serv[] = "http://nl1.www.ivao.aero/whazzup.txt"; //$serv[] = "http://am1.www.ivao.aero/whazzup.txt"; $serv[] = "http://api.ivao.aero/getdata/whazzup/whazzup.txt"; $serv[] = "http://api.ivao.aero/getdata/whazzup/whazzup.txt"; srand ((double) microtime() * 1000000); $randomserv = rand(0,count($serv)-1); ?> <?php $file = file($serv[$randomserv]); $explode = explode(":", $line); foreach($file as $line) if(strpos($line,$_GET['cs']) === 0) list($callsign,$vid,$realname,$clienttype,$frequency,$latitude,$longitude,$altitude,$groundspeed, $planned_aircraft,$planned_tascruise,$planned_depairport,$planned_altitude,$planned_destairport, $server,$protrevision,$rating,$transponder,$facilitytype,$visualrange,$planned_revision, $planned_flighttype,$planned_deptime,$planned_actdeptime,$planned_hrsenroute,$planned_minenroute, $planned_hrsfuel,$planned_minfuel,$planned_altairport,$planned_remarks,$planned_route, $planned_depairport_lat,$planned_depairport_lon,$planned_destairport_lat,$planned_destairport_lon, $atis_message,$time_last_atis_received,$time_connected,$client_software_name,$client_software_version, $adminrating,$atc_or_pilotrating,$planned_altairport2,$planned_typeofflight,$planned_pob,$true_heading,$onground)=explode(":",$line) ?> <table width="100%" border="1" align="center" class="tablevar" > <tr> <td width="239" >Callsign:</td> <td width="564" ><?php echo $callsign ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td >Partenza:</td> <td ><?php echo $planned_depairport ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td >Meteo alla Partenza:</td> <td ><?php $lines = file("http://wx.ivao.aero/metar.php?id=$planned_depairport"); $top200 = array_slice(array_reverse($lines),0,1000); foreach($top200 as $line) { echo $line; } ?> </td> </tr> <tr> <td >Destinazione:</td> <td ><?php echo $planned_destairport ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td >Meteo Destinazione:</td> <td ><?php $lines = file("http://wx.ivao.aero/metar.php?id=$planned_destairport"); $top200 = array_slice(array_reverse($lines),0,1000); foreach($top200 as $line) { echo $line; } ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td >Aereo:</td> <td ><?php echo (substr($planned_aircraft, 2, 6)) ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td >Carburante a bordo per:</td> <td ><?php echo $planned_hrsfuel ?> Ore e <?php echo $planned_minfuel ?> minuti</td> </tr> <tr> <td >Passeggeri:</td> <td ><?php echo $planned_pob ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td >Ground Speed/Altitude:</td> <td ><?php echo $groundspeed ?> / <?php echo $altitude ?> </tr> <tr> <td >Rotta:</td> <td ><?php echo $planned_route ?></td> </tr> <tr> <td >Stato:</td> <td ><?php if ($groundspeed=="0") echo 'Gate Open'; elseif ($altitude>="12000") echo 'En Route'; else echo 'Departing/Arriving'; ?> </td> </tr> <tr> <td >Pilota al Comando:</td> <td ><?php if (strlen($realname)>=20) echo (substr($realname, 0, 20))."..."; else echo $realname ?> </td> </tr> <td >Grado:</td> <td ><p style="color:white;font-size:11px; vertical-align:top;"> <img src="http://www.ivao.aero/data/images/ratings/pilot/<? echo $rating ?>.gif" width="105" height="30" /> - <?php if ($rating == 1 ) echo "OBS - Observer"; elseif ($rating == 2 ) echo "Basic Flight Student (FS1)"; elseif ($rating == 3 ) echo "Flight Student (FS2)"; elseif ($rating == 4 ) echo "Advanced Flight Student (FS3)"; elseif ($rating == 5 ) echo "Private Pilot (PP)"; elseif ($rating == 6 ) echo "Senior Private Pilot (SPP)"; elseif ($rating == 7 ) echo "Commercial Pilot (CP)"; elseif ($rating == 8 ) echo "Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)"; elseif ($rating == 9 ) echo "Senior Flight Instructor (SFI)"; elseif ($rating == 10 ) echo "Chief Flight Instructor (CFI)"; elseif ($rating == 11 ) echo "Supervisor (SUP)"; elseif ($rating == 12 ) echo "Administrator (ADM)"; ?> </td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="4" align="center"> <center><img src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap?path=color:0xff0000ff%7Cweight:5%7C&markers=color:blue%7Clabel:Position%7C<?php echo $latitude ?>,<?php echo $longitude ?>&zoom=2&size=600x300&sensor=true" /></center> </td> </tr> </table> <?php } }
  19. Hi to all, i have a little question. From my site i call this: http://www.virtualir...eflights?cs=VAR and i see the page with my map Now i need start the function with MainController::Run but don't work I use this code <?php MainController::Run('liveflightsivao', 'index', '?cs=VAR'); ?></center> Any suggestion for the correct string ? Thanks
  20. Thanks, work great ! I have only a problem ..the flight aren't order by deptime. Any suggestion ?
  21. Hello, I'm trying to do a search for bands of time using the form Frontschedules. In the airport search.tpl I entered this search option: <tr> <td>Orario</td> <td> <select class="search" name="deptime"> <option value="">All</option> <option value="00:01|08:00">00.01/08.00</option> <option value="08:01|16:00">08.01/16.00</option> <option value="16:01|24:00">16.01/24.00</option> </select> </td> </tr> In the FrontSchedules.php: public function findflight() { $arricao = DB::escape($this->post->arricao); $depicao = DB::escape($this->post->depicao); $airline = DB::escape($this->post->airline); $aircraft = DB::escape($this->post->aircraft); $deptime = DB::escape ($this->post->deptime); if(!$airline) { $airline = '%'; } if(!$arricao) { $arricao = '%'; } if(!$depicao) { $depicao = '%'; } if($aircraft == !'') { $aircrafts = FrontSchedulesData::findaircraft($aircraft); foreach($aircrafts as $aircraft) { $route = FrontSchedulesData::findschedules($arricao, $depicao, $airline, $aircraft->id); if(!$route){$route=array();} if(!$routes){$routes=array();} $routes = array_merge($routes, $route); } } else { $routes = FrontSchedulesData::findschedule($arricao, $depicao, $airline, $deptime); } $this->set('allroutes', $routes); $this->show('schedule_results.tpl'); } and inFrontSchedulesData Class: public function findschedule($arricao, $depicao, $airline, $deptime) { $query = "SELECT phpvms_schedules.*, phpvms_aircraft.name AS aircraft, phpvms_aircraft.registration FROM phpvms_schedules, phpvms_aircraft WHERE phpvms_schedules.depicao LIKE '$depicao' AND phpvms_schedules.arricao LIKE '$arricao' AND phpvms_schedules.deptime LIKE '$deptime' AND phpvms_schedules.code LIKE '$airline' AND phpvms_aircraft.id LIKE phpvms_schedules.aircraft"; return DB::get_results($query); } How is possible changing the query for search the time from the option value? If i try with option valure ="8.25" i find all the flight at this time. I won't search the range. Thanks
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